A handicapped parking sign at Walt Whitman Shops in Huntington...

A handicapped parking sign at Walt Whitman Shops in Huntington Station. Not all pay attention. Credit: Newsday/J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Author Eckhart Tolle wrote: "Observe the attachment to your views and opinions. When you become involved in an argument or conflict, watch how defensive you become, and feel the force of your own aggression as you attack another person’s position. Feel the mental-emotional energy behind your need to be right and make the other person wrong, then let go of the force inside of you that is fighting for power."

America’s problem is not that people in this country have opinions, which is fine, but the opinions have them.

— Frank Barnett, Queens Village

Flight attendants get plenty of training

Flight attendants are "better trained to serve coffee," writes a reader ["It’s not very friendly in today’s skies," Just Sayin’, Dec. 4]. Really?!

Flight attendants go through extremely rigorous and intense training. Most of this training includes how to handle emergencies — medical, security and evacuations on both land and water.

Every year, they must attend "recurrent training" to maintain their qualifications.

Flight attendants are on aircraft because it is a Federal Aviation Administration regulation. They are there first and foremost for the safety of passengers. Please keep this in mind the next time you fly.

— Trudy Mansfield, Patchogue

The writer is a former flight attendant for Eastern Airlines.

Here, charity doesn’t always begin at home

My husband and I have tried unsuccessfully to donate furniture and other household items to charitable organizations. For three weeks, we have called numerous charities only to be told, "No thanks."

The reasoning: a few scratches, or not the right color or print; no one needs this now; not new enough; and as one driver said, "We reject your stuff!" without offering a reason.

All of the items were in excellent condition. I even sent photos. I found their comments to be rude, crude and certainly not in the spirit of giving.

My conclusion is maybe there are no people in need (highly doubtful) and many of these charities are only self-serving and not so charitable.    

— Katherine Leogrande, Miller Place

Let’s ticket cars parked in illegal zones

I realize that ticketing drivers who violate fire zones is a lesser evil or violation, and I understand that is near the bottom of the list of violators, but I still have to vent.

On one day alone, at the Stop & Shop parking lot in Woodbury, three cars were parked in the fire zone, one with a driver and two without. I also spotted a car in a handicapped zone without authorization.

Let’s enforce these violations and build up the town’s coffers.

— Ronald Schiller, Woodbury

I’m flagging these folks for a penalty

Driving through our neighborhood to look at Christmas decorations, one of my children spotted a flag and asked, "What does ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ mean"? I explained the people living there are, in their way, cursing President Joe Biden, as is their right in our great country. Such a vulgar flag, though, disrespects Biden, the office of the president and the American flag they fly above it. What a sad message to send to our children, especially during this season of goodwill and peace.

— Emily Cianci, Nesconset