Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin talsk with Vincent Ross at the disabled Marine...

Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin talsk with Vincent Ross at the disabled Marine Corps veteran's new home in Medford. Credit: Raychel Brightman

Give vets a chance to own their homes

I love homes for veterans — they deserve 110% of their benefits. It is their service to our country that gives all of us our freedom. We are indebted to veterans forever.

These homes, though, are really more like rentals ["Suffolk home that vets can call their own," News, Oct. 20]. No ownership by them is involved. Yes, they can call it their own, but it’s not. I propose that veterans get ownership after 10 years of living there. Then they truly could call it "their own."

Even better, build thousands of 600-square-foot mini-homes for our veterans, have them pay an affordable rent to lead to their eventually owning them, and after 10 years, they own a small home. Expand the program for seniors and eventually the disabled and homeless. For families, build 1,200-square-foot mini-homes.

This solution would show veterans we are all "proud of their service." For some veterans, require a charitable community service, if healthy, for living there.  

— Alan H. Cohn, Nesconset

Service providers do deserve fair wages

As the parent of a young woman with cerebral palsy who resides in a residence operated by the Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, I join in the request for a fair wage for direct service providers who care for my daughter daily ["Disability service providers need help," Opinion, Sept. 28].

They see to her every need and do it with kindness, understanding and caring. From showering to toileting to preparing meals, they work steadily from the moment they arrive at the residence until they leave when their shifts are over.

Six individuals live at the residence, and each one has different needs that the direct service providers need to address. I also call out to Gov. Kathy Hochul to help the disability community and those who care for them. I urge her to meet with service provider agencies to better gain an understanding of our needs.

— Delia Paranos, Wantagh


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