Wind turbines off Block Island. The location of turbines off...

Wind turbines off Block Island. The location of turbines off Long Island shores has created controversy. Credit: Newsday / Mark Harrington

East End housing crisis must be fixed

  I am disappointed at how the East End mayors and town supervisors have allowed our community, workforce and affordable housing crisis to fester for so many years. We have been losing local community members who can’t find an affordable place to live for years, and this crisis has reached new, demoralizing heights. This crisis shows no signs of improvement due to continuing exclusionary zoning and an absence of plans to address the problem.

Businesses, schools, nonprofit organizations, villages and towns are unable to hire qualified staff   because of the lack of affordable housing, resulting in unbearable commute times to the East End and an extreme labor shortage for local employers. While density is often used to oppose development of community housing, more local shoppers in business districts is exactly what is needed to make them thrive and reduce vehicular traffic as well.

  These politicians can choose their current role to just be politicians who allow this crisis to fester or they can leave a legacy of having done something about this crisis to strengthen our community. The choice is theirs.

Michael Daly, Sag Harbor

A solution to housing the homeless

The solution to homelessness on Long Island is simple. First, allow every homeowner to have one legal apartment that houses one family. With proper codes for safety, plumbing, electrical, etc., the homeowner would pay taxes on the new income. Second, build hundreds of micro-housing, 600-square-foot homes suitable for one person with 50% subsidized rent that, after 10 years, would be owned by the recipient. These can be 3D-printed in quantity at fairly cheap expense; it’s not much, but it’s something.

This combination would help veterans, seniors and young singles who are homeless. This housing could be decided by lottery. A simple solution.

Alan Cohn, Nesconset

Obscene flag should not be at LIRR station

How sad it is that the Town of Hempstead and the Long Island Rail Road would allow a group of loyalists to former President Donald Trump continue to display a series of obscene flags at the Bellmore train station parking lot. While I recognize their right to express their views, it does not allow them to include a flag with an obscenity addressed to President Joe Biden. It not only is disrespectful to the office of the president of the United States, but it is not a message we should be sending to our children, who might ask what the obscene word means. We should be better than this.

Michael Palermo, Seaford

Town boards should state stances on pot

This Election Day, many residents of Nassau and Suffolk counties will be voting for various town positions. Before anyone votes, they should know where the candidates stand on the sale of recreational marijuana. While state law permits these sales, the various towns have until the end of the year to pass local legislation

opting out of the requirement that these sales be permitted. While some candidates have expressed their personal views on , why haven't they voted on the opt-out legislation? Perhaps they are waiting for the election results before they commit themselves. Voters have the right to know now, before Election Day, how these candidates


John Tarpey, Massapequa

Wind turbines can be closer to LI shores

I want to save the Earth for future generations. I'm in favor of solar energy and wind turbines closer to Long Island's shores. I know the Long Island Sound like the back of my hand since I've lived here most of my life. If you're on the beach, or own a home on a cliff, the wind turbines would hardly be noticeable from either Connecticut or Long Island. Many days are foggy, so you wouldn't see them anyway.

The turbines would supply Connecticut and New York with a good source of clean energy. Let's get our government officials busy and ask them to consider constructing these turbines for a cleaner, more sustainable energy source .

Joe Schoenstein, Port Jefferson


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