Southards Pond Park in Babylon Village is one of the...

Southards Pond Park in Babylon Village is one of the parks where Babylon Village is planning on implementing tougher restrictions on fishing. Credit: Chris Ware

Let's find out why they're not vaxed

It's easy for any of us, including cartoonist Matt Davies, to dismiss those who aren't vaccinated as having, in Davies' words, "a complete lack of concern for others" [Opinion, Sept. 28]. 

Maybe we need to listen to them. Rather than ask them as President Joe Biden did, "What are you waiting for?" let's ask, "Why are you hesitating?" Is it distrust of the government? Is it a fear of needles? Is it that they just don't understand the vaccine? Whatever it is, can't we just address it?

If someone has a fear of heights (as I do), do we push that person to the edge of a cliff and force them to look down? Of course not. I am fully vaccinated, and I honestly don't understand those who aren't. But I will try to not rush to judgment.

Stop blaming, start explaining.

Vincent O'Neill, Massapequa Park

Publicize conservatives who get vaccinated

The article "Biden, McConnell get booster shots" [News, Sept. 28] was good, but it was not enough. I suggest an article listing conservatives who actually got vaccinated even though they don't encourage others to do the same, like former President Donald Trump. Also   publicize anti-vaxxers who ended up getting COVID-19 and then recanted their anti-vax arguments. I think it would be helpful to show the holdouts that the people they are following are not sincere in their arguments.

Lois Topping, Glen Cove

Paying people to get shot is outrageous

Although I’m not a New York City resident, I’m appalled that these residents are being offered $100 if they get the COVID-19 vaccine. Mayor Bill de Blasio must be kidding!

People who refuse to protect themselves and their families, especially children, and friends, neighbors, co-workers and others shouldn’t be rewarded for doing the right thing to keep those in their midst healthy.

Just think: The city will pay you $100 if you don’t carry a weapon. How about charging the residents who don't get the vaccine?

It makes sense that health care workers, school employees, the police, firefighters and other essential workers be vaccinated or find another line of work -- preferably one where they can work from home.

Sharon Mann, Oceanside

Tilles contradictory in vote on history exams

Regent Roger Tilles' essay "The pursuit of equity in education" [Opinion, Sept. 19] was very effective in detailing educational inequities, supporting the Regents-announced policy of balancing the needs of excellence and equity. The executive board of the Long Island Council for the Social Studies certainly supports this policy.

In advocating a policy of inclusion and diversity, Tilles argues, "Students should be exposed to history that is not necessarily comfortable."

Ironically, Tilles recently voted with the other members of the Board of Regents for a pilot program to permit high school students to skip one of the two history exams required by the board, if the students were enrolled in a "civic readiness pathway."

The LICSS executive board believes that diminishing the accountability of students in the study of history seems to be a clear move in the very opposite direction that he advocates.

Gloria Sesso, Port Jefferson

The writer is co-president of LICSS.

Ban fishing in Babylon Village parks

I am a lifelong resident of the Town of Babylon and frequently walk in Argyle Park and along Southards Pond in Babylon Village. I believe fishing should be banned at Babylon Village parks ["New rules in works for fishing at parks," Our Towns, Sept. 24].

Our relationships with other living beings in our environment are important because they foster connection. The image of a fisherman peacefully enjoying nature is a common one. However, when we look beyond the (water’s) surface, there is another living entity on the end of that hook, and it is anything but peaceful. Fish have central nervous systems just like nearly every other species. Fish feel pain. Fishing is a blood sport where another’s life is being exploited for entertainment. Fishing doesn’t teach good sportsmanship; it teaches children that other animals and the environment are here to serve us. It teaches them how to be irresponsible and objectify the living. Ban fishing in Babylon Village parks.

Keara O’Bryen, North Babylon

The writer is an intern at Long Island Orchestrating for Nature (LION).