Mets manager Gil Hodges gets a kiss from his wife...

Mets manager Gil Hodges gets a kiss from his wife Joan after the Mets won the World Series at Shea Stadium on Oct. 16, 1969. Credit: Newsday/Stan Wolfson

My prayers were finally answered

For too many years, as I heard the names of newly elected candidates to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Gil Hodges' name was not among them. Every year, I couldn’t believe it. But, finally, I heard the news I had been waiting to hear for more than 50 years: Hodges was elected to the Hall ["Hall in the family," Sports, Dec. 7].

In 1950, my dad first shared his love of the game with me, an 8-year-old Brooklyn Dodgers fan, and it never left. We thought our beloved "bums" were family members. They were all special, but one player grew in our hearts even after his Dodger days -- the first baseman, Hodges. Unfortunately, he left this world too soon, passing in 1972 at 47.

About 15 years ago, I was visiting my godparents' graves in Holy Cross Cemetery in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. As I turned to leave, I couldn’t believe my eyes – five feet away was Hodges' grave. I said a prayer of thanksgiving for a life that had so often affected mine, and each time I visit my godparents, I repeat that prayer for Hodges.

Marian Russo, Dix Hills

A holiday that I surely will never forget

I am 91. When I was a young man, I was a Marine sergeant.

I later gave private tennis lessons, decades ago, in Huntington backyards. This past Veterans Day, five of my former women tennis students and my daughter took me out to lunch in Greenlawn. I wore my Marine cap.

While we were eating, a woman entered the restaurant to dine, and when she saw my cap, she thanked me for my service.

When we finished our meals, we requested the check. Our waitress smiled and told us that the nice woman already had paid our $85 bill.

What a beautiful thing she did. Yes, there are some lovely people around.

Joseph Santomero, Greenlawn

Where was concern over mocking Trump?

A reader said the "Let’s Go Brandon" sign was vulgar and disrespected President Joe Biden and the office of the president ["I’m flagging these folks for a penalty," Just Sayin’, Dec. 11]. Maybe so, but few seemed to care when former President Donald Trump and his family were ridiculed constantly throughout his four years in office with disrespectful cartoons, signs and television and print mockery. That seemed to be OK when Trump was in office.

Where was the respect then? I find it to be hypocritical.

Rosemary D’Antoni, Sayville

Red light, green light . . . 1-2-3

I received a red-light camera ticket for running a red turn signal on Carleton Avenue and Montauk Highway in East Islip.

This is how this traffic light operates, now that a turn signal has been installed. Traffic heading south on Carleton Avenue crossing Montauk Highway gets a green light with a green turn signal. The green turn signal changes to a yellow light after only three seconds, as stated on the video report, before turning red for four seconds. It then changes to a flashing yellow turn signal while the other two lanes remain green.

I was proceeding through the green turn signal, following two other vehicles while watching traffic ahead of me and traffic from the northbound turn lane, and the light turned yellow and, three seconds later, turned red. By then, I had already entered the intersection.

I feel a three-second yellow light is insufficient for a safe passage through the intersection. I believe it is set up to purposely catch people knowing that we are also watching traffic  besides the light.

Henry Pfister, East Islip


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