New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo on June 17, 2019.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo on June 17, 2019. Credit: Charles Eckert

“Thank you for breaking the law” should be printed on all licenses granted to New York residents who are in the country illegally [“Cuomo signs driver’s license bill,” News, June 18]. I believe New York is rewarding people for violating federal law, something 37 states refuse to do.

Many moderate Democratic state legislators from Long Island opposed this measure for good reasons. It will endanger public safety because many immigrants don’t know English and might not understand road signs and traffic directions. This lunatic law will boost President Donald Trump’s re-election prospects by destroying Democrats’ claim that no one is above the law.

Richard Reif,

  Kew Gardens Hills

I support allowing immigrants who are here illegally to receive driver’s licenses for the rational reason that it will make our streets safe. In 1989, my car was struck by an unlicensed, uninsured driver who was in the country illegally. I had to pay for the damages myself. Luckily, I wasn’t hurt, but having uninsured drivers on the roads is a danger to everyone. I believe the only reason to be against this law is racism.

James Babbo,


It boggles the mind that the politicians we voted into office, who swore to uphold and enforce the laws of our state, now want to let immigrants who are in the country illegally apply for New York State driver’s licenses. They claim it will help the economy, reduce hit-and-run accidents and make the roads safer. Of course it will. They really believe that anyone who has already broken multiple laws by entering the country without permission and driving without a license will suddenly care about the law?

Having a license doesn’t automatically make one a safe driver. It doesn’t guarantee that a hit-and-run driver will stop. It won’t guarantee that all cars will be insured and pass safety inspections. There are many licensed drivers on the roads now in uninspected cars, many who are uninsured or underinsured due to the high cost of insurance or a poor driving record.

Our immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed, but rewarding the disobedience of immigrants who are here illegally is not a solution.

Dolly Kalhorn,

  North Babylon

The new law to allow people in the country illegally to apply for New York driver’s licenses is something that we have sought for years.

However, State Sen. Monica Martinez of Brentwood voted against this legislation. She does not understand the need. She is an inexperienced senator put forward by the Democratic Party to represent us in Albany. She should resign from this post. We do not want a puppet of the political leaders. We want representation for the people, not the wishes of the party.

Cesar A. Malaga,

  West Babylon

Editor’s note: The writer is president of the Hispanic American Association, a civic organization.

So much ado about immigrants entering the country illegally, but less is said about businesses that hire them and don’t contribute to Social Security, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation or disability insurance. I wonder why nobody notices that employers are breaking the law. These businesses are at a competitive advantage, especially in bidding contracts, because paying cash saves lots of money, allowing for lower bids.

Our projected Social Security shortfall might be fixed if all employees and employers contributed matching amounts. In addition, when “off the books” workers are injured and must go to an emergency room, we all pay for that because they are not eligible for workers’ compensation or disability insurance.

Nancy Jane Berg,

  Huntington Station

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