Suffolk County Trap & Skeet on Gerard Road in Yaphank...

Suffolk County Trap & Skeet on Gerard Road in Yaphank on June 20, 2020. Credit: James Carbone

Why buy a house near the Yaphank trap and skeet range, which has been in that location for many years, and then complain that you hear noise from it [“Court ruling revives debate over skeet range,” News, June 22]?

This reminds me of the people who buy homes near an airport, then complain about hearing jet noise. Maybe that is why you paid less for the property.

Richard H. Staudt,

Mount Sinai

How to make pols accountable

If people and politicians are really interested in integrity and accountability in public office they should support and sponsor a law or, if necessary, a constitutional amendment, prohibiting a president from pardoning himself or any person with whom he is a co-conspirator in a criminal enterprise, regardless of whether or not that president has been indicted or is an unindicted co-conspirator. That might also motivate the subordinates to cooperate with prosecutors.

Howard Mandell,

East Northport

Congrats, gov, and now it’s our turn

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo ended his daily coronavirus briefings by declaring the state went “from worst to first” in the fight to control the deadly virus [“Gov: NY did ‘the impossible,’” News, June 20]. Thank you, governor, for leading us through this crisis. Now, it’s up to all of us not to mess up his accomplishment by not wearing masks or maintaining social distancing in public places.

John Gobler,

South Setauket

Ballplayers’ greed in loss column

Currently, about 13% of our country is on unemployment. To be clear, that means tens of millions of Americans are not getting paid for jobs. Their only income is government assistance.

In contrast, the Major League Baseball Players Association stated that a prorated salary for 60 games this year was not acceptable [“Now the ball is in Manfred’s court,” Sports, June 23]. At an average salary of $4.3 million, that would mean that the average player would only make about $1.6 million this year. How would a player make insurance payments on the new Porsche at that tiny salary? They have a lot of nerve. I am a huge fan of baseball, currently not a fan of the players.

Brian Reed,


Two sides to every story, here, too

David Wright is given two pages to offer his opinion, the narrative imposed by the leftist media, liberals, progressives and Black Lives Matter [“Sustained protests born out of frustration,” Opinion, June 21].

But if I were to challenge this with a different view, I believe I’d be called racist and limited to 200 words in your letters. You can’t force an opinion down someone’s throat. You have to listen to both sides if you truly want to resolve outlooks. There are always two sides.

Andrew Ross,

Kings Park

David Wright wrote an important essay on the history of protest that many politicians should read. The First Amendment guarantees the right to assembly and to petition one’s government for change.

On his Facebook page, Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) congratulated President Donald Trump for clearing peaceful demonstrators by Lafayette Square with police and military using excessive force. Our elected leaders, including Trump, U.S. Attorney General William Barr and King, take an oath to uphold the Constitution, which includes our Bill of Rights. They failed miserably in this incident.

Yet King supported a terrorist organization on foreign soil, the Irish Republican Army, which murdered countless innocent civilians.

John Boughal,


The looting, burning, destruction of property and disrespect for law and order in some of our communities are not only tragic but also frightening.

What I see as an organized insurrection by Black Lives Matter is described by some in the media as peaceful and just an expression of frustration. I believe Black Lives Matter is a radical leftist outfit that seeks to replace capitalism with socialism and abolish the police. I say that, historically, BLM’s antecedents reach back to the Black Panthers of the 1960s. In recent years, to me, it has drawn inspiration from the Occupy Wall Street movement.

BLM claims to be protesting racism, I say it is using the tragic killing of George Floyd to disseminate a false narrative and promulgate an anti-capitalist agenda. As they protest and demonstrate, many of us have become guilted into becoming kneelers. To many of them, being born white is “white privilege” and connotes an unfair advantage and insinuates racism. Viewing all white people as “guilty and complicit” distorts political issues and deflects from the real problem.

Their message: A proud white man waving an American flag is a racist.

Ed Konecnik,



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