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I found the comments such as "I’m totally over it now" and "We gotta start living a little," referring to COVID-19 fatigue, infuriating and depressing ["Restrictions come up against ‘COVID fatigue’," News, Nov. 15]. I’m sure our parents and grandparents who lived through or fought in World War II wanted life to be normal, but for the good of our country they made huge sacrifices without much complaint. The war was terrifying for them and no one knew how long it would last, just like the pandemic is for us now, but they did what was needed. I miss my family. I’d love to have a big holiday celebration. Mask wearing is no fun. But I’ll adhere to guidelines from government and health care experts. What is so different about Americans now that we can’t put our pandemic fatigue aside and make some sacrifices for the good of our fellow citizens?

Bette Ingoglia,


I was appalled to read a woman’s comment how the state restriction limiting 10 people "totally ruined my Thanksgiving" ["New virus rules will damage," LI businesses say," News, Nov. 13]. Seriously? I’ll tell you what ruins a Thanksgiving. My husband is dead. My godmother is dead. That is what is ruining my Thanksgiving. Has this woman buried anyone in the past year? I have not seen my son or grandchildren since last Thanksgiving and have no idea when, or if, I will see them again. That, my dear lady, is what ruins Thanksgiving.

Barbara Diamond Obstgarten,

Port Jefferson Station

Listening to someone complain about COVID-19 fatigue is like listening to a smoker complain about his or her breathing problems while still refusing to quit smoking and making the necessary changes. Bottom line: If we want our lives to get back to normal, everyone must participate in whatever restrictions there are, regardless of political ideology. Otherwise, we’re like a bunch of hamsters running on a wheel and getting nowhere fast.

Chris Carman,


Shame on both parties for not coming together to fight this coronavirus. It’s mind-boggling that a pandemic can’t bring these "children" together. They fight each other on everything. Each party has a better plan, a better way. This goes on at every level of government, and costs taxpayers millions, if not billions, of dollars, while they sue each other, accomplishing nothing. Maybe the two-party system has outlived its effectiveness. I don’t know how to fix it, but this can’t continue forever.

Barry Pegalis

East Meadow

I totally agree with Stephen Casey’s letter "Mask needs to cover both nose and mouth" [Just Sayin’, Nov. 14]. I also see people not wearing masks properly, and the science journal Cell reported that the nose has more COVID-19 germs than the mouth. I have been advised to keep my distance and have tried, but it isn’t right when people like me listen to instructions and others don’t. It has also been suggested that if we see a mask isn’t worn properly to tell someone in authority, which I have done to avoid starting an argument.

Linda Diamond,


New LIPA plan will raise rates

The article "New LIPA rate plan could reduce bills" [News, Nov. 12] is, to me, just another way to hike rates. A fee for using excess electricity — really? What else are Long Islanders going to be asked to be burdened with? How many of us are working from home now? How many students are e-learning at home? By working and learning at home, more people were home during this hot summer and more will be home for the upcoming winter and possible shutdown. Sure, we’re using more electricity. Now, the Long Island Power Authority and PSEG Long Island want to take advantage and burden Long Islanders with another fee. Just punch me in the stomach already! What else can happen this year?

Jo Budway,

West Babylon

NUMC exec’s salary higher than necessary

A salary of $475,000 for a medical center’s chief operating officer ["NUMC exec’s $475G salary approved," News, Nov. 17]? I hope he can cure cancer for that salary. Otherwise, I feel it’s a waste of taxpayer money because I don’t believe he will accomplish anything more than his predecessors — except make a lot more money.

Anthony Tanzi,

Mastic Beach

Kudos for story on Native Americans

Bravo! Excellent reporting and writing in LI Life’s cover story about Long Island’s Native Americans ["Celebrating heritage," Nov. 15]. Please continue to highlight them and other cultural groups. The public needs to see their contributions and growth in improving their community’s problems. I was a teacher in Southampton schools for 27 years and am thrilled to see this type of reporting. Native Americans here are to be treasured for their talents and efforts.

Shelley L Borkoski,



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