President Donald Trump works in his conference room at Walter...

President Donald Trump works in his conference room at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. on Saturday after testing positive for COVID-19. Credit: AP/Joyce N. Boghosian

While I agree with those who hope people will learn from President Donald Trump’s infection, the lesson should not be necessary ["Long Islanders reflect on president’s COVID illness," News, Oct. 3]. The White House West Wing is a literal bubble and should not be a source of virus spread. The Sept. 26 super-spreader event in the Rose Garden, in which attendees did not wear masks and did not socially distance, seems possibly responsible for the infection of nearly a dozen individuals who either work for or support this president. So many in this country have real concerns about maintaining a safe work environment and have relied on the guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Watching the White House staff and presidential campaign ignore these protocols at their own events, setting an embarrassing and dangerous example for all to see, sickens me. While sickened figuratively, I’m hoping not to be sickened literally by somebody who follows the president’s example. When my students take the mask break they are entitled to in my minimally ventilated classroom, that thought crosses my mind. I wear my mask to protect others and myself, and my colleagues and students do the same. We are truly all in this together.

Carolyn Faggioni,


My best wishes go out to President Tump, his wife and all those in his administration who have tested positive for COVID-19 ["Trump news a signal to all," Editorial, Oct.3 ]. That said, shame on them and him, in particular, for not reducing the risk to themselves and others. The president and staff have an obligation to Americans to reduce threats to their health so they can carry out their duties. They have failed to do so in this situation. Neither Trump nor most of his followers followed his own experts’ safety guidelines — despite more than 205,000 Americans dying from the virus. Trump irresponsibly criticized the science and his doctors. Now, the president’s hospitalization distracts the government and citizens from important events that need their full attention, highlighted by: the election campaign, a Supreme Court nominee awaiting hearings, a possible stimulus package to help millions out of work because of COVID-19. By holding large gatherings, not wearing a mask and generally not treating COVID-19 seriously, I believe he has failed us. I hope no other shoe falls.

Steve Boyce,

Dix Hills

Aren’t you outraged that President Donald Trump: 1) knew about the severity of COVID-19 but lied to the public about it; 2) did not wear a mask and downplayed its importance in slowing the pandemic, especially now that the president and many in his administration have been infected; 3) had a totally obnoxious, disrespectful and embarrassing debate performance; 4) displayed inability to denounce white supremacy at the debate and took two days to finally, under pressure, denounce the Proud Boys; 5) called our hero soldiers, many lost in combat, "losers" and "suckers"; 6) did not call out President Vladimir Putin for putting a bounty on our soldiers in Afghanistan and interfering in our elections; 7) cleared peaceful protesters from Lafayette Park with tear gas and rubber bullets to enable his "bible photo shoot"; 8) lied about his wealth, is in extreme debt and not paying his fair share of taxes; 9) is giving us more than 20,000 lies; and 10) had had incredible hypocrisy along with Senate Republicans about nominating a Supreme Court justice just weeks before the election. If your answer is yes, early voting starts Oct. 24.

Jeff Goldschmidt,

Stony Brook

It’s bad enough the president’s suppression of the truth and scientifically proven life-saving counsel has impacted the health of millions and sadly the death of more than 205,000 Americans. Now his poor handling of the pandemic has come home to personally roost with his own diagnosis. Would we be cruel to say, as he did, "It is what it is," and move on? We sincerely hope President Donald Trump recovers, but one thing is now clear: If he is reelected, not only should America expect his actions to result in more sickness and death, I believe we will truly deserve all the ill-effects.

Joe Cauchi,

Garden City

There can be no denial now about the severity of COVID-19. If a person, namely President Donald Trump, can become infected, where does that leave the rest of us? Oh yes, wearing a mask and social distancing as the experts have said and ignoring the "when you like it" advice from the man who minimized the situation.

Richard M. Frauenglass


After getting COVID-19 and going to the hospital, President Donald Trump said, "I learned a lot about COVID, I learned it by really going to school, this is the real school, this isn’t the read the book school, and I get it." I’m happy to hear he’s doing well. If he got it in March, maybe 100,000 Americans might have been saved.

Jeffrey Tuck,

East Meadow

You know, I like soldiers who weren’t captured and presidents who don’t get COVID-19.

Rick Siegel


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