Black Lives Matter protestors gather during a peaceful protest in...

Black Lives Matter protestors gather during a peaceful protest in Merrick, NY. on the evening of June 2, 2020. Credit: Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara

I am absolutely disgusted and angered to hear about what happened at the protest on Merrick Road on Tuesday [“New day of LI protests of Floyd death,” News, June 3].

I can’t believe this could happen in my own neighborhood, in my own “community.” I thought we were better than this. I’ve always known that Long Island isn’t perfect, and I always look to see the good in people, but I never would have thought that people in my area would be bold enough to go out in public and declare out loud that peaceful, anti-racist protesters are not welcome to exercise their rights and that the white people who were good enough to show up can’t even use their inherent white privilege to do actual good. I can’t believe that some people want to make the world for their children even smaller than it is now. We need to be better.

This blatant racism and ignorance are shameful and why I believe people both on and off Long Island are looking down at us right now. I may only be one voice, but in this fight, every voice counts.

Kristen Buckley,

North Merrick


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