Trump supporters scaled the walls on the Senate side of...

Trump supporters scaled the walls on the Senate side of the U.S. Capitol and gained access inside the building during a massive protest in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday. Credit: The Washington Post/Michael Robinson Chavez

As a U.S. Army veteran and former military police officer, I am disturbed by the lack of police enforcement we saw in our nation’s capital. As Americans, we all should agree that the right to protest is a birthright which, through the years, has continued to keep this country great. But to willfully disregard the law of the land will only continue to divide us. The actions that took place at the Capitol are unprecedented, disturbing and so un-American. To me, not upholding the law will only encourage the lawbreakers.

Richard Miceli,

Franklin Square

It is beyond one’s comprehension that our democracy would be home to such violence with hundreds of protesters storming the Capitol, and our president waiting before telling them to leave. What happened to our peaceful transition of power without gunshots being heard or the storming of protesters? What a disgrace. I say this president should be impeached.

Martin Blumberg,


The disgraceful and disgusting assault on the U.S. Capitol demonstrated to the nation and the world the lengths that President Donald Trump is willing to go to overturn a legitimate election he lost. He apparently was even willing to jeopardize the safety of members of Congress as well as his own vice president. This was madness writ large.

Vincent Fiordalisi,

East Norwich

A while back, President Donald Trump told his followers to "stand down and stand by." Many wanted to know "stand by" for what? A coup? Well, now we know. Apparently, many of his followers have gotten their marching orders from the liar-would-be-dictator. In my view, he has turned the United States into a Third World country with a corrupt leadership. I say that he and his followers should be prosecuted for insurrection, convicted and thrown into jail, never to be heard from again. Trump has spent four years ruining this country, but this beats everything.

Frances Arnetta,


I expected to see the very best of our government as our nation resolved differences over the election through a constitutional process. Instead, I saw the very worst of our nation fueled by a mob encouraged by our president to disrupt the function of our government. This is called sedition, and I believe everyone responsible must be held accountable. I no longer want to hide behind political correctness in failing to condemn these riotous actions. Let us join our voices to plead for a return to reason and to stop behaviors that only harm the country that we are supposed to love and care for.

Gerald Lauber,