Lauren Miranda, of Mastic Beach, talks during a news conference...

Lauren Miranda, of Mastic Beach, talks during a news conference with her lawyer, John Ray, of Ray, Mitev & Associates, LLP, about her firing from Suffolk County's South Country public school district in Miller Place on Monday. Credit: Jessica Rotkiewicz

My mother suggested that I read the news story about the fired teacher whose topless selfie photo ended up in the hands of one or more students [“Teacher: I’ll sue over being fired,” April 2].

My mother said, “I bet you’ll side with the teacher.”

As much as I didn’t want her to be right, she was. I do side with the teacher. Lauren Miranda, the middle school math teacher in Bellport, says she was fired over a photo not broadcast to the world via the internet, or even sent via email, but texted to someone she was dating.

I believe she is being penalized for having her privacy violated and for being a woman. She says that a male teacher seen topless in a photograph would never be punished. Her lawyer said that by law, women can appear topless in public in New York State.

This policing of women’s bodies perpetuates the rape culture that is rampant

Lauren Diehlmann,


Together feeling the pain of loss

The My Turn essay “Visiting Louise at St. Charles Cemetery” [Act 2, March 31] was written by a husband apparently trying to lessen the grief of losing his wonderful wife. It was lovingly written, with a sense of whimsy.

I lost my beloved wife, Margaret, five weeks ago. She passed the day after our 40th anniversary. She is also interred at St. Charles. I have spent a lot of time there, and look forward to spending more as the weather becomes warmer.

I am grateful to writer William Proefriedt of Farmingdale for having provided me with some sense of mitigation of my own terrible loss.

Joseph T. Rossi,

  Long Beach

Uncomfortable with extravagance

I feel very fortunate. I have a roof over my head, good health, plenty to eat, lots of loving friends and family. However, to read about generous bonuses of Wall Street made me a little nauseous [“LI gets in on Wall Street bonuses,” News, March 26].

To think about spending $20,000 on a watch for myself, as the story describes, when people in this world have nothing, it really turns my stomach.

Diane McGuire,


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