President Donald Trump takes questions during a briefing about the...

President Donald Trump takes questions during a briefing about the coronavirus in the James Brady Briefing Room on Wednesday. Credit: AP/Alex Brandon

Now, the media and Democrats want to use the coronavirus as a political weapon against President Donald Trump and his administration [“Trump rivals’ plans on virus,” News, March 13]. Former Vice President Joe Biden says how much better he’d handle this, and the usual media outlets shake their heads at Trump’s handling in dismay. Yes, it’s true, compared to South Korea we are failing. They have many more tests than our country does.

The media, though, and Democrats in Congress, can look in the mirror and find who’s to blame. Congress was busy spending time on a partisan impeachment, with Democrats saying Trump was guilty of extortion, claiming he put our country in peril for his own gain. With the Senate finally acquitting Trump on Feb. 5, many saw through this ridiculous charade, and the coronavirus was spreading.

And if anyone is culpable, it’s the media and Democrats for using their time to impeach the president for what I see as strictly political reasons instead of governing and reporting more facts about this virus so we’d be better prepared.

Andrew Moss,

Kings Park

Trump family is doing quite well

During President Donald Trump’s televised news conference on March 22, he complained that he gave up his $450,000 salary and nobody thanked him.

However, he has been well-compensated since his properties (Mar-a-Lago, Trump Hotel, golf courses, etc.) have produced plenty of profit for him and his family the past three years. Trump also has stated that daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner donate their time as presidential advisers, yet they have profited by holding unique positions. Moreover, Americans pay a lot to support their staffs.

With nepotism, Trump has denied our country knowledgeable and experienced advisers, which we desperately need.

M.L. Silver,