The protesters who took a knee were joined by Nassau Police Commissioner...

The protesters who took a knee were joined by Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder during a protest earlier this week in Nassau County. Credit: Robert Brodsky / Newsday

A letter writer said, “It’s encouraging to see law enforcement taking a knee in peaceful support of protesters” [“Needed: unity, peace and compassion,” June 3]. Really? I thought they were supposed to “protect and serve,” certainly not protest alongside and join protesters regardless of their personal motivations. “No Justice, No Peace” is one of the frequently chanted mottos. Who will be the arbiter of justice, the mob? How encouraged would the writer be if his business was being destroyed while the police were kneeling with protesters? Let’s be clear: I support peaceful protest, but when fires are being set and looting begins, I would support a much stronger response. Appeasement only emboldens the mob to greater destruction.

Joe Miranti,

Rocky Point

A letter writer seems to have conflated demonstrators with rioters [“Needed: unity, peace and compassion,” June 3]. He stated that he understands (but does not condone) the anger behind the rioting.

What I see is a stark difference between demonstrators, who from righteous anger want to change the system, and those opportunists using this moment to foment mayhem. I was heartened by a scene on the nightly news of demonstrators blocking a store from looters. These young people grasped the difference between making change and anarchy.

Carl Viñas,


I just watched the George Floyd funeral service [“Fiery speech marks Minn. service,” News, June 5], and it appears more people were outside there than were at President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Theodore Prager,


My country ’tis of thee,

Once land of liberty,

Of thee I weep ...

Kathy Haid,

West Islip


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