President-elect Joe Biden removes his face mask as he arrives...

President-elect Joe Biden removes his face mask as he arrives to speak on Monday at The Queen theater in Wilmington, Del. Credit: AP/Carolyn Kaster

Congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris ["Biden elected President," News, Nov. 8]. There is hope for our country. It is time to heal as we travel on a new path to our future. Biden’s challengers will be many — to unite Americans and calm the rhetoric and division. I pray Biden shall lead us together as we fight COVID-19, seek economic relief, curtail global warming, and build back better.

Susan Marie Davniero,


This is a great moment in American history. We rid ourselves of a president who lied incessantly; had a difficult time denouncing neo-Nazis and other hate groups, if they supported him; constantly tried to influence the Justice Department to carry out his own vendettas; is so ignorant that he suggested injecting a disinfectant as a therapy for COVID-19, and did his best to silence the legitimate scientists in his administration. We rid ourselves of a president who turned the simple act of wearing a mask to help control the coronavirus into a political football. I could go on and on, but let me just finish by restating: This is a great moment in American history.

Ray Xerri,


I am amazed that Democrats are all up in arms that President Donald Trump is calling for an investigation into voter fraud after, I believe, one baseless investigation after another were perpetrated against the Trump administration. Why is the party of tolerance so intolerant when it faces something that disagrees with it? Surely the party that gave us the Mueller report and investigated Judge Brett Kavanaugh and quid pro quo can withstand one investigation aimed at it.

Bruce Poulos,


America has spoken loud and clear ["For Biden, a time to lead," Editorial, Nov. 8]. And so has Luke 14:11: "For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted."

Jim Hickey,


After watching President Donald Trump whine and cry foul about the election being "stolen" and hearing the ugly comments he made about the voting process, if possible, I say treason charges should be brought against this man.

For four years, he believed that when he said "jump!" everyone would say "how high?" I believe the disrespectful remarks and incendiary complaining and disgraceful statements he has made shows it’s not "Make America Great Again" but "Only me, only me, I am king and whatever I say goes." He apparently thinks the country is his personal company, and he can do no wrong. He seemingly has bullied the Department of Justice into doing his bidding and fired qualified people from top government jobs because they don’t do what he says or disagree with him.

He says "treason" if one does not agree with him, but I say his awful remarks about the election are treasonous, and our enemies are laughing at us. He should stop his whining and man up — you lost the election, and there is nothing you can do to change it.

Larry Ezratty,

North Bellmore

Listening to President-elect Joe Biden’s victory speech brought me to tears. His promise to confront the pandemic is such a relief. His hope to unite this country is so appreciated. His invitation to his opponents to join him and give him a chance is so generous. This is what America needs. A true leader. A caring leader. When his family joined him onstage, all I thought was: Finally, a normal man. A man like the rest of us. He won’t hurt us. He will help us heal. How we long for normal. How we need a leader who won’t be mean and vindictive. God bless Biden for rising to the challenge. I feel joy again and hope for the future.

Carol Mascia,

Garden City South

May those celebrating the election result do so with humility. May those in despair understand inclusion. May we all go forward as we the people, not us and them.

Ed Weinert,


A little less than half of the voters voted for President Donald Trump ["What’s next for Trump," News, Nov. 8]. A little more than half of the voters voted for president-elect Joe Biden. More people voted for Biden than ever voted for another candidate. More people voted for Trump than any other candidate except Biden. The election was close because our nation is almost exactly balanced. One thing seems clear to me: Nearly all Americans want to reduce the sway of radicals of the right, such as white supremacists, and radicals of the left, including "The Squad." I believe those who voted for The Squad may want to replace democracy with socialism, but most Americans instead prefer liberty, democracy, respect, a diversity of power, due process and a regulated free-market economy.

Steven Ross,

Kew Gardens

In 1974, President Richard Nixon resigned painfully, in disgrace, and bowed out with some dignity. Forty-six years later, Donald Trump lost a competitive bid for reelection ["Trump backers: ‘This isn’t Over,’" News, Nov. 8]. From all early indications, he will leave kicking and screaming like a toddler denied a second dessert.

Andrew Malekoff,

Long Beach

The full-page article "Jubilation in the City" described the joy of Joe Biden-Kamala Harris supporters quite vividly, but the final sentence, to me, was most revealing. A pedestrian reveler shouted to a security guard outside a boarded-up furniture storefront, "You can take the plywood down now!" I guess that identifies who the "peaceful" protesters were likely to be.

Leonard J. Marino,


The quote on the cover of Sunday’s Newsday "Time to Heal," to me, was premature. There will be plenty of time for healing after President-elect Joe Biden experiences four years of frustration, torment and aggravation doled out by Republicans. What’s good for the goose will be good for the gander.

Ed Quinlan,

New Hyde Park

This is what I believe Americans can look forward to enjoying the next four years: higher taxes, higher health care premiums, dependence on foreign energy, a flood of immigrants, lawlessness, new conflicts abroad, sanctuary cities, gun confiscation, increased crime, dependence on China, criminals roaming the streets, dismantling our democracy from within and a socialist takeover. To me, the voters really messed up this time.

Frank Napolitano,

Middle Island

I can breathe! Democracy can breathe! Truth can breathe! Thank you, Joe and Kamala.

Robert Ambrose,


It’s time President Donald Trump mans up and starts working on his concession speech ["Biden elected President," News, Nov. 8]. I supported Trump, but it’s obvious that he threw himself under the bus with his cavalier attitude about COVID-19. His ego and arrogance cost him the election, and it’s time the country moved on and, hopefully, there will be no ridiculous lawsuits. Trump won’t be a good loser; it’s not in his DNA. Although I believe he did a lot for the country, it’s time to admit defeat.

Wayne Mortak,

West Babylon