President Donald Trump pardons the National Thanksgiving Turkey, Corn, during...

President Donald Trump pardons the National Thanksgiving Turkey, Corn, during a ceremony with First Lady Melania Trump in the Rose Garden of the White House on Tuesday. Credit: Bloomberg/Kevin Dietsch

In my view, the Biden-Harris administration has a lot to do to just equal what President Donald Trump’s administration did in four years: unprecedented low unemployment before the coronavirus, energy independence, a mostly raging economy, a strengthened military, more secure borders and, above all else, a way out of the horrendous pandemic. Aided by Trump’s Warp Speed initiative, vaccines are expected to be ready for distribution by mid-December. To me, incredible foresight and decisive action by the president will have hundreds of millions of doses available for the American public and possibly get us out of this mess started by our adversary China by the middle of next year. I say the president and his staff should be congratulated and have the American public’s undying gratitude for their action. Yes, indeed, there is much for President-elect Joe Biden to live up to. Good luck, America — you’ve got what you voted for.

Gerard Porcelli,


It is astonishing to me that more than 73 million U.S. citizens voted for President Donald Trump, despite clear evidence that he is incompetent and cares not a whit about them. He stated years ago that he would have no time to golf during his presidency because he’d be too busy working for the American people. With some 260,000 souls already lost to COVID-19 and thousands with ongoing medical problems, he is finding lots of time to play golf. Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden and his team are working to find ways to deal with the pandemic and get the country on the road to economic recovery. Trump refused to allow the necessary transition and, despite even those in his administration saying that this is dangerous to our security, he continues to blame nonexistent voter fraud for his loss. How can his base continue to support him despite clear evidence of his inability to face the truth and his many policies against the very fabric of our democracy? I believe Biden can lead us to a better, more equitable place in the world.

Sherry Eckstein,


I found "Trump’s last-ditch bid" [News, Nov. 20] to be an offensive and biased headline. I listened to that news conference, and I certainly heard things that sounded to me like there’s a possibility of some wrongdoing during the election. We all know that no matter how many guns they find, with smoke still coming out of their barrels, nothing will change, no one will be prosecuted, and, I bet, the next election will have more of the same.

Tommy Gregoretti,


I agree with the reader comparing elections with golf ["Parallels between golf and the election," Letters, Nov. 22]. The only thing left out is that President Donald Trump has been reported to cheat at golf, too.

Bob Horsham,


Much of President Donald Trump’s presidency has been of the seat-of-the-pants, gut instinct variety, with seemingly no well-defined long-term plan. That has been manifested, tragically, by his gross mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis. But now, it seems Trump actually does have a plan, and one that’s well-thought-out: thwart the Joe Biden presidency at every turn, by ridiculous postelection lawsuits and prohibiting government agencies from sharing critical information with the incoming Biden team. And with his ongoing purge of the top military command, who’s to say that’s not preparatory to instigating some sort of skirmish in the Middle East — that the Biden administration would have to deal with. I see Trump as a vengeful, petty, willful man who seems hellbent on eroding our democracy. His actions in the days following the election make that abundantly clear. Twenty-fifth Amendment, anyone?

Paul M. Eckstein,


Debate over Emmy Award for Gov. Cuomo

Regarding the reader who asks whether Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo would use storm troopers to limit the number of diners at home on Thanksgiving, to me, saving lives is more important than eating turkey ["Thanking those who help others," Letters, Nov. 24]. We can do this. I was happy to hear that Cuomo will get an International Emmy Award for his daily briefings during the beginning of this pandemic ["Cuomo to receive Emmy for virus briefings," Flash!, Nov. 23]. I know that some people won’t want this to happen, but I feel he was the calm in our storm. I looked forward to his briefings every day as he told it as he learned it, and it was reassuring to be updated during this terrible time. He kept telling us that New York was strong, and I believe it. I believe he is fully deserving of this award, and he said he would accept if for the people of New York. I’m honored to have a governor who listens to science and tells the truth.

Carol Walsh,

St. James

Why do the Hollywood elite and entertainment glitterati feel obligated to keep rubbing our noses in their political biases? Will the Emmy Award ceremony for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, the Democratic politician, mention the thousands of nursing home deaths that in my view were caused by his executive advisory that sent thousands with coronavirus into elder-care facilities during the first weeks of the crisis?

Michael X. Zelenak,

East Setauket

New Yorkers have a bad rap in parts of the country and the world, but I have never been more thankful or prouder to say I am from New York. When New York was the epicenter of the coronavirus, the people of this state stepped up and did what they needed to do to keep each other safe and supported our front line workers in any way they could. Even now, with the virus raging across the country, we are among the states with the lowest infection rates. I am thankful for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who made the hard decisions and kept us informed every step of the way. His straightforwardness has helped us all cope. I have family in Florida who told me they wished Cuomo was their governor because their governor has done little to protect the people who elected him. Because I live in Nassau County, I am also thankful for County Executive Laura Curran’s hard work and leadership. But we are not there yet, New York, so keep fighting a little longer for your fellow New Yorkers, and thank you all.

Carolyn Pilger,


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