A man walks his bicycle across Middle Country Road in Coram.

A man walks his bicycle across Middle Country Road in Coram. Credit: Newsday/John Paraskevas

Recently, my pharmacy, part of a national chain, notified me that my wife’s prescription renewal would not be covered by insurance until we waited 12 days, and that we’d be charged $303.99 if I picked it up before then. It cost $10 when I had last picked it up, covered by insurance.

Three days later, at a local pharmacy, I got a quote of $30 if I immediately purchased the medication, without insurance. The pharmacist was flabbergasted about the $304 charge.

My family’s prescriptions had been filled at this local pharmacy for more than 30 years. But the AARP-sponsored insurance plan inaugurated a program for the national pharmacy about three years ago, and the insurance company’s consultant calculated that my wife’s meds would cost less under that plan. So I began having her prescriptions filled there. Now I’m aware that the price gouging could wipe out much more than the promised savings.

I have since learned there are significant differences in pharmacy drug prices. Having witnessed this myself, I value the service of an independent pharmacist more than ever.

— Bernard Sosnick, Plainview

Beware of bicyclists not following rules

With Memorial Day over, here comes summer and the many bicyclists. There was a notable increase in the number of bicyclists in Long Beach over the holiday weekend and most likely across Long Island.

I found disturbing the number of bicyclists not observing traffic signals and going through red lights. Bicyclists also were running through stop signs without a good look or riding on one-way streets in the wrong direction.

Motorists need to pay close attention since some of these bicyclists seem to think that traffic signals and signs don’t apply to them, and that could be deadly.

— Richard T.  DeVito, Long Beach

Give planted flags respect they deserve

Before Memorial Day, in my neighborhood and I’m sure in others as well, local businesses have taken on the practice of placing small American flags on street corners, by driveway curbs and front walkways.

People need to be diligent about keeping these flags upright and off the ground. As time passes, while I walk my dog, I have seen these flags in disrepair, frayed, lying on the ground, etc.

If people are unable or unwilling to take on this responsibility, please remove the flags.

— Tom Carey, Massapequa

Hail to the A.I. chief in the U.S. future?

This may seem like science fiction, but I was thinking that with the advancement of artificial intelligence, it is hard not to imagine that in the future, this country will be run with an A.I. president.

It will be able to analyze complex problems and provide solutions based solely on data-driven insights, rather than political agendas or personal interest.

— Martin Blumberg, Melville

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