President Trump speaks during the UN General Assembly meeting on...

President Trump speaks during the UN General Assembly meeting on Sept. 25. Credit: Bloomberg / Jeenah Moon

Is it any wonder that world leaders at the United Nations laughed at and mocked the president of the United States when he made the ridiculous claim that his administration has accomplished more than any previous presidency [“Trump at UN: U.S. interests are first,” News, Sept. 25]?

Perhaps they knew that George Washington led the nation in its infancy. Maybe they knew that Abraham Lincoln saved the experiment in republican self-government, preventing disintegration of the United States and abolishing the abomination of slavery.

Perhaps they realized that Franklin Roosevelt’s leadership during the Great Depression was outstanding, and as commander in chief during World War II, the United States destroyed the tyranny and depravity of Nazi Germany and saved the soul of the world.

Also included in Trump’s speech was a reassertion of his “America first” policy. Trump purloined the term from the isolationist, anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi movement led by Charles Lindbergh in the 1930s.

Beware the dangers of excessive nationalism. It has been a leading cause of conflict and war throughout modern history.

Jack Bilello, Massapequa Park

Granted, I would have laughed, too, if President Donald Trump told me in “less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country,” as he did at the United Nations.

But then again, I have less to fear. I’m not a leader of a nation that the temperamental Trump might accuse of having burned down the White House or could decide to go to war against.

Raymond Boivie, Kings Park

For a second year, I loved President Donald Trump’s speech at the UN. He stood up for America’s interests, most notably in ending unfair trade practices that have ballooned our trade deficit to nearly $570 billion a year and cost millions of jobs. And the world shouldn’t be surprised about Trump’s defiant stance. He had held such positions for 30 years.

What I found really illuminating about the character of the UN was that after Trump chronicled his administration’s historic successes, the gallery broke into laughter. It is highly offensive that other nations would belittle the president, who I believe is the only man qualified to win two Nobel Prizes in the same year — for economics, for the nation’s economic success, and for peace, for working to end the 70-year-old Korean War.

Instead of laughing at him, world leaders should be looking to erect a monument to him on UN grounds.

Eugene R. Dunn, Medford

Well, Donald Trump finally got something right. The world is laughing at America. Sad.

Mark Stysiack, Ridge

While President Donald Trump’s boasts at the United Nations were perhaps laughable, his other remarks were deadly serious.

Trump rejected globalism and embraced the doctrine of patriotism and urged other countries to follow the U.S. example. His speech ignored the UN Charter and the purpose of the creation of the UN for countries to work together to prevent the scourge of war for future generations.

He abandoned decades of U.S. involvement in international cooperation and multilateral agreements to address global issues of nuclear war, climate change, human security and poverty. In addition, his administration’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran increases the likelihood of war in the region.

We should be very alarmed about our country and we should vote in November.

Margaret Melkonian, Uniondale

Editor’s note: The writer is executive director of Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives, an advocacy group.

During Barack Obama’s presidential campaign on May 14, 2008, Michelle Obama stated, “. . . We’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

Days before his election as president, Barack Obama stated, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Among his achievements is the transformation of the Democratic Party into an activist progressive socialist comradeship.

The recent economic upturn is partly a result of tax cuts and lower tax burdens on entrepreneurs. Significantly, not one Democrat voted for these measures. Instead many proposed raising taxes. Some Democrats support open borders and the establishment of “sanctuary” cities and states. They also want to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the federal immigration agency.

These policies, as well as Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s assessment that America “was never that great,” make it imperative we do all we can to thwart the transformed Democrats from transforming America.

Ed Konecnik, Flushing