Detectives and investigators probe an area west of Cedar Beach...

Detectives and investigators probe an area west of Cedar Beach on March 30, 2010. Credit: James Carbone

Shame on Gustav Coletti of Oak Beach who wants the Gilgo Beach case solved because, he said, "We were an upscale community and people don't look at it like that anymore. It's like it's tainted" ["Full-scale search," News, March 31]. He didn't even mind being quoted by Newsday for such drivel.

He might want to think about wanting the case solved because a) there is a serial murderer out there, and b) the families of those young ladies who were killed and then dumped as if they were garbage are suffering far more than anyone could know.

How sad that his outrage is because Oak Beach is no longer considered upscale.

Roberta Stern


Enough already! I don't want to hear the word prostitute whenever Shannon Gilbert's name is mentioned, or for that matter, in connection with any of the other women who were found at Gilgo Beach.

I make no excuses for their choices, good or bad. However they did not deserve to die at the hands of some madman.

Why must it always be the woman's fault? Stop it now.

Michelina P. Fitzmaurice