Defendant Angela Pollina testifies Wednesday during the Thomas Valva murder trial at Suffolk...

Defendant Angela Pollina testifies Wednesday during the Thomas Valva murder trial at Suffolk County Court in Riverhead. Credit: James Carbone

Thomas never should have returned home

I can’t believe that no one is being held accountable for the horrible life and eventual death of Thomas Valva other than his father and Angela Pollina [“Jury gets case against Pollina,” News, March 10].

I was a teacher in the city for 30 years and through the years, unfortunately, had to report maybe a dozen cases of suspected child neglect or abuse. When brought to the attention of the school psychologist or social worker, Child Protective Services was immediately contacted. The child in question was not released to go home with his parents until there was further review.

Most went into foster care, removed from a potentially dangerous and life-threatening situation. This never should have happened to Thomas Valva.

The teachers knew there was neglect. The principal knew. The psychologist knew. The social workers knew. Even CPS knew. How did this child get returned to his dangerous home environment?!

As the courts delve deeper, they must find the missing link in the chain of events. This must never happen again.

— Elysa Parker, North Woodmere

As a retired member of the Suffolk County Police Department, a parent and human, I am disgusted with the “public servants” who seemed to display indifference to the plight of the Valva brothers.

This includes the CPS worker and her supervisor, and the Family Court judge who failed to remedy their plight. The judge refused to return the boys to the custody of their mother, who had presented clear and compelling evidence of ongoing abuse and neglect of the boys. Perhaps professional courtesy was being extended to a member of law enforcement.

These public servants accepted taxpayer money for doing a job in which they failed in this case. Will there be news articles now asking if the county is concealing ineptitude? Where does the buck stop? Why are these enablers still on the public payroll?

— Howard Mandell, East Northport

I am mystified and sickened by the publicity this second (as well as the first) trial is receiving in the horrific and unimaginable treatment of Thomas and Anthony Valva.

Where were the teachers, school administrators, family and friends, neighbors — everybody — when these small, helpless children were abused day and night by two dysfunctional people?

— Myra Picard, Huntington

Trotta move reflects badly on Suffolk PBA

The Suffolk Police Benevolent Association through its lobbying group has become way too politicized. It has grown to become one of the biggest and most powerful lobbies in the county. It has shown just how powerful it is by getting county Legis. Robert Trotta (R-Fort Salonga) thrown off the Public Safety Committee “Trotta removed from panel,” News, March 7].

Trotta is one of the few to stand up to this group and to push for needed reforms to check this overwhelming and unhealthy influence that this group has gained over county government.

Does the county police department still answer to the Suffolk government? It appears it now answers to the police union and its lobbying group.

To pretend that the county can reform the police department under these circumstances is a disservice to the people of Suffolk County who are paying the most and getting what back?

We all need to pay attention to this situation. We need more legislators like Trotta, who put our interests first.

— Patrick Ehmann, Ronkonkoma

Increase SALT cap? Let's lower taxes

I see three of our Long Island congressmen want to get the $10,000 SALT deduction cap increased because of the high property taxes on Long Island [“Vow to halt SALT cap,” LI Business, March 4].

I would just once like to hear a politician say, “Let’s get our taxes under the cap.” How about cutting spending that we the taxpayers foot the bill for.

I will be 80 this year and have no children in schools, yet I am paying ridiculously high school taxes. How about cutting taxes for seniors who no longer have children in the school system?

I have paid more than my fair share of taxes for over 45 years. It’s been almost 27 years since I had kids in the school system.

— Bernard McGrath, Holbrook

Here's another way to see Fox TV

I’m appalled by Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s latest misinformation about the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol [“Fox using GOP video to amplify Jan. 6 lies,” Nation, March 8].

If you shot 41,000 hours of video of Germany invading Poland in 1939, you could selectively pick clips of German soldiers walking along without firing their weapons.

You could claim they entered the country only as peaceful tourists — and that the nefarious forces of the oppressive Polish government had orchestrated a lie.

There’s a catch, though.

The only people who would believe you would be those who already sympathized with the Nazis.

— Eric Robert Nolan, Ridge

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