Prototypes of border walls in San Diego.

Prototypes of border walls in San Diego. Credit: AP / Elliott Spagat

Matt Davies’ editorial cartoon on Feb. 7 depicts the Falcon Heavy rocket zooming over President Donald Trump as he builds the wall on the Southern border. Apparently, this is meant to say that while Trump thinks small, others are doing great things.

Putting away biases created solely by emotion but not supported by history or wisdom for just one second, one would realize that zooming over the president was American exceptionalism. This also zoomed overhead in 1969 with the moon landing.

But that exceptionalism is going to become a rare commodity if the wall is not built.

That’s the point of the wall. Without it, we will become just another region of the world where some will come out of convenience but not because they want a better life — a great life.

What has made us great is Americanism.

Jim Bilello, Glen Cove

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