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Reference Point

Two former members of Congress, Republican Chris Gibson and Democrat Daniel Lipinski, wrote a guest essay for Newsday expressing the hope that we can regain a political middle ground and move the nation forward. They cite the Eisenhower era as one example of how "principled leadership and decisive legislative action" can put us on a better path. The crowds that greeted Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower on a campaign visit to Long Island just weeks before his first of two landslide wins over Democrat Adlai Stevenson showed a postwar nation in alliance with his vision for it.

Above, Eisenhower visited Hempstead during a tour of Nassau County on Oct. 28, 1952.

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— Rita Ciolli @ritaciolli

Quick Points

Truth and consequences

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she expects the House and Senate to finalize a deal on President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion plan to expand the social safety net, saying, "We have 90% of the bill agreed to and written." History shows the final 10% is never the easy part.
  • Facebook VP of global affairs Nick Clegg warned staffers in a post that more bad coverage of the company could be coming and that it could contain "mischaracterizations." Left unsaid: It also could contain truth.
  • The prop gun fired by Alec Baldwin that killed the cinematographer of the film "Rust" was not "cold," as the assistant director assured Baldwin. The fact that he was wrong raises the question: Why would there ever be live ammunition on a movie set?
  • School officials say high pay for K-12 educators on Long Island — more than half earn at least $100,000 per year — reflects the region’s high cost of living. It also reflects their big paychecks.
  • Regarding negotiations on the reconciliation bill, President Joe Biden said, "When you’re in the United States Senate and you’re the president of the United States and you have 50 Democrats, everyone is a president." Not sure Bernie Sanders would agree with that.
  • Supply chain issues are forcing Long Island school districts to change and adapt their cafeteria menus. Which, depending on the district, might not be a bad thing.

— Michael Dobie @mwdobie

Pencil Point

Biden poll slide

Credit: Wright

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Puzzle Point

In the news — the answers

Here are the answers to Friday’s news quiz, based on events that took place last week. The first letter of each answer, taken in order, spells out one way to perform a civic duty that began Saturday.

EQUINOR: Energy company that asked to delay completion of its South Shore wind farm until 2026.

AMAGANSETT: 14 fishermen were given citations for trespassing after driving their trucks onto a beach in this East End community.

RIVERHEAD: The old Swezey’s furniture store building in this downtown will be razed for creation of a town square.

LYFT: Ride-share company whose first safety report documented more than 4,000 cases of sexual assault from 2017 to 2019.

YE: Mononym adopted by a famous rapper in a legal name change.

VOLVO: Automaker that announced it is again going public after a two-decade hiatus, the same week it recalled another 195,000 U.S. vehicles for faulty airbags.

OKLAHOMA: State sued by the ACLU, which says a law restricting discussions of race and sex in classrooms is unconstitutional.

TWO: The win total for the New York Giants and New York Jets six weeks into the NFL season.

INDIA WALTON: Upstate mayoral candidate who extended "grace" to state Democratic chairman Jay Jacobs after he used former KKK leader David Duke in an analogy about endorsing her candidacy.

NETFLIX: Employees of this studio/streaming service staged a walkout to protest anti-transgender comments by comedian Dave Chappelle.

GILGO: Long Island state park where an abandoned Coast Guard station is being removed to make conditions safer for surfers, fishers and off-road vehicles.

— Michael Dobie @mwdobie

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