Mets co-owner Fred Wilpon and prospective partner David Einhorn chat...

Mets co-owner Fred Wilpon and prospective partner David Einhorn chat during bating practice. (Aug. 6, 2011) Credit: David Pokress

The sale of a stake in the Mets isn’t official, and likely won’t be for at least another week, but prospective minority owner David Einhorn visited Citi Field yesterday and watched batting practice with Fred Wilpon, Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins.

Neither Einhorn nor Wilpon spoke with reporters, but it was the first time they appeared together in public. Einhorn had twice come to games at Citi, and briefly held court with the media during one of those visits.

Before last night’s game, Einhorn and the rest of the group appeared to be discussing the outfield dimensions, with a lot of pointing to the faraway walls. The Mets already have talked about altering the fences to help their hitters, and it’s an idea that is gaining momentum.

Nothing has been decided, but a person familiar with the situation explained that the only thing that could be done in leftfield — for structural reasons — is to cut the 16-foot wall in half to 8 feet. Because it is a cement retaining wall behind the padding, it really can’t be moved in.

Rightfield, and especially right-center, gives the Mets more flexibility. The bullpens are fronted by a chain-link fence that easily could be pulled in because it wouldn’t affect seating or the structural integrity of the ballpark. Also, the Mets do not need MLB approval to do so as long as they keep to the minimum distances allowed in the power alleys.

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