Derek Jeter never talks about injuries, but on Tuesday manager Joe Girardi admitted to Erik Boland and the NY media that his shortstop had a sore lower left leg and in small part  that played into Jeter being rested Monday night in Toronto. Jeter had also played in 17 straight games. 

Depending upon your perspective, was ahead of the curve, pointing to a less than healthy Jeter in Sunday's game against the Mariners.

On Monday, it reported, with some flare,  `` Anybody who saw Jeter `running' on Sunday knows he's hurt. The man moves as if he's running in a cast while dragging an anchor. Jeter was clearly and severely hobbled while going from first to third on Nick Swisher's deep fly ball that Ichiro dropped, and then again jogging back to the dugout after a sacrifice fly later in the game.

Jeter wasn't too hobbled last night as he played teh ehole game and homered in an 1105 victory.

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