Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees hits a single,...

Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees hits a single, scoring teammate Brett Gardner, against the Chicago White Sox at Yankee Stadium. (Sept. 2, 2013) Credit: Getty Images

Louisville Slugger announced Wednesday it plans to retire the P72 model is has made for Derek Jeter throughout his career.

"Derek has swung one bat model from one bat company his entire career," James Sass, the company's Director of Professional Baseball Sales for Louisville, said in a press release. "In honor of Derek's tremendous career and impact, we won't be making the P72 anymore . . . We are grateful for his enduring and unwavering loyalty."

Representatives from Louisville Slugger presented Jeter with "the last P72" at Yankee Stadium prior to Wednesday's game against the Orioles.

The design of a P72 bat, which features a medium barrel and balanced swing weight, still will be available for order, but under a new name: the DJ2.

The final 72 productions of the bat with the existing P72 name will be given to Jeter to raise money for his Turn 2 Foundation. The only time Louisville Slugger would use the P72 name again, the company said, would be to furnish a bat for a descendant of the player it originally was made for, Les Pinkham.

Pinkham (1932-2009) was as obscure as Jeter is celebrated. He was a career minor leaguer who played the last of his five seasons in 1954.

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