Knicks president Donnie Walsh will explore trades, including one involving...

Knicks president Donnie Walsh will explore trades, including one involving Tracy McGrady, as long as they don't negatively impact this summer's free agent chase. (File photo, 2008) Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Donnie Walsh won't be in Dallas this weekend for the NBA's all-star party, but instead he will remain in New York to work the phones as the trade deadline looms in eight days.

The Knicks president said he actively will pursue deals as long as they fit into strict parameters. "Get a good player," he said, "who doesn't hurt you in the summer." In other words, no contracts that would cut into the salary-cap space for this summer's free-agency plans.

There won't be many options that fit the bill. One headline-grabbing situation would involve Tracy McGrady. Walsh is expected to follow up with the Houston Rockets on the McGrady situation. Walsh went to see McGrady, who is working out with trainer Tim Grover in Chicago, earlier this season and might go see him again. The Rockets initially demanded a young player, such as rookie Jordan Hill, be included in any conversations regarding McGrady, who will be a free agent this summer.

The Knicks are reluctant to give up Hill for a player who could walk at the end of the season. In fact, not everyone in the organization is convinced McGrady, who had microfracture surgery on his knee last spring, would be enough to lead the Knicks to the playoffs at this point in the season.

Another player the Knicks have had their eye on and reportedly is being shopped is Bucks point guard Luke Ridnour. Other guard possibilities could be Dallas' J.J. Barea, Portland's Steve Blake and Sacramento's Sergio Rodriguez, but the expectation that a deal will be made is low. Walsh said he would be interested if one of the potential 2010 free agents were on the market; the Suns reportedly are considering offers for Amar'e Stoudemire.

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