It's Day 2 of NBA free agency. After meeting with the prize of free agency -- LeBron James -- in downtown Cleveland Thursday afternoon, the Knicks are in Chicago on Friday to meet with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

The Wade meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. (Chicago time). The Knicks will meet with Bosh at 1 p.m. (also Chicago time).

Alan Hahn is in Chicago and will be sending updates along as news develops. We'll do our best to keep you updated on what's going on today.

Programming alert: Alan will be on ESPN Radio (1050AM) somewhere between 2:10 and 2:20 EST with Brandon Tierney and Jody McDonald.

Update, 6:46 EST: Alan via Twitter -- I've heard Amar'e has reached out to at least one current NBA all-star level player to encourage a possible tandem in New York.

Update, 6:43 EST: Alan via Twitter -- Amar'e Stoudemire's Bird Rights were renounced by Suns, so he can't be involved in S&Ts. Also can't get more than what Knicks offering.

Update, 6:42 EST: Alan via Twitter -- I've been told by several sources that Amar'e is ready to choose the Knicks max offer. Market for him was surprisingly light.

Update, 5:09 EST: Chris Bosh left at 4:55 EST. The meeting with the Knicks lasted two hours and 40 minutes. Asked if he was excited, Bosh said: "You should have seen me the day before yesterday." Asked if it was fun (the free agency process), Bosh said: "You gotta enjoy this."

Chris Bosh on Twitter at 5:04 -- "Finished with the Knicks. Another impressive one. I'm starving!"

Update, 4:40 EST: Here is the link to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer story on Miami's visit with LeBron James. Apparently, Pat Riley showed off his championship rings.

Update, 4:14 EST: Bosh and Knicks still meeting, now almost two hours. Knicks packed up their gear an hour ago but Walsh, Bosh, etc., still talking.

Update, 4 EST: Still waiting for Bosh to leave the meeting with the Knicks.

Update, 3:31 EST: Knicks have already packed up after barely over an hour with Chris Bosh. Shortest meeting so far. Bosh has yet to emerge, however.

Update, 3:19 EST: Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reports on Twitter (@BDcavsinsider) that the Los Angeles Clippers met with LeBron James for less than hour. LeBron's day is done. The Cavaliers are getting ready to introduce new head coach Byron Scott.

Update, 3:15 EST: Dwyane Wade on Twitter: Taking a quick break 2 get some lunch. Then "back to the future"

Update, 2:59 EST: Chris Bosh arrived a little after 1 p.m. Chicago time, somewhere around 1:15, for his meeting with the Knicks. Reporters shouted out questions as Bosh entered the hotel. Bosh was asked about free agency and said things were going really good.

Update, 2:24 EST: The Associated Press is reporting that former Knicks guard Sergio Rodriguez has agreed to a three-year deal with Real Madrid.

Update, 2:12 EST: Alan reports via Twitter that Knicks will have two familiar faces on summer league team: Patrick Ewing Jr. and Marcus Landry.

Update, 2:07 EST: Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer is providing great updates on Twitter (@PDcavsinsider) regarding LeBron's day of meetings. Windhorst reports: Heat had no comment after meeting with LeBron. Windhorst writes that meeting lasted three hours with lunch. Heat were in the building for almost four hours. Clippers are up and are being represented by exec Andy Roesner and GM Neil Olshey. Owner Donald Sterling is not there. All of this reporting is from Windhorst. Again, check out his Twitter page (@PDcavsinsider) for LeBron updates today.

Update, 1:29 EST: The meeting with Dwyane Wade has ended. Wade came out after about a two-hour meeting with the Knicks. He came out with a huge crush of media and a lot of onlookers waiting. He stepped into a Suburban, but he stood up by the door and said: "It was a real good meeting, a good meeting. And I have to say I'm intrigued." That's what he said and then took off. Chris Bosh is up at 2 p.m. EST.

Bosh on Twitter at about 1:35 EST: I'm up and at 'em! My shirt is starched and I'm ready for more business. NY Knicks are next

Update, 1:14 EST: Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer (@PDcavsinsider) just updated his Twitter page. According to Windhorst: LeBron-Heat meeting still going. They are over two hours.

Update, 12:56 EST: Dwyane Wade on Twitter before today's free agent meetings: "Up early and ready to go .. Another day of pondering my future. Hmmmmmm. Things are interesting to say the least."

Also, Chris Bosh wrote on his Twitter page that he and Wade had dinner together last night.

Various reports have Warrick getting four years, $18 million from Suns.

Update, 12:31 EST: Alan just got word that David Lee will be meeting with the Bulls and Heat today in Chicago. Lee is flying in from St. Louis now.

Update, 11:54 EST: Wade brought a camera crew with him (which traveled to the hotel in a Suburban). Alan thinks they're just shooting B roll, footage of the hotel, etc.

Update, 11:36 EST: Dwyane Wade just entered the hotel and announced he was "in a New York state of mind."

Update, 11:32 EST: (Tweet from Alan) No offense to Cleveland, but this location in Chicago, right on Rush St. by the famous Rosebud and Giordanos, is much swankier. Great weather

Update, 11:29 EST: (Tweet from Alan) Something I've been almost assured of is that LeBron won't be making an official decision by Monday. Figure later in the week.

Update, 11:24 EST: (Tweet from Alan) Speculation continues to swirl that the Knicks may be front-runners for Amar'e Stoudemire. Can't confirm on my own but Suns have cut ties.

There are reports out -- especially on Twitter -- that the Suns have signed free agent Hakim Warrick.

Update, 11:22 EST: (Tweet from Alan)  Weird confluence of past and future for Knicks here in Chicago. David Lee is HQ'd here with agent Mark Bartelstein. Meeting w/ Heat later.

Update, 11:13 EST: Brian Windhorst, the Cavaliers beat reporter for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, does a tremendous job (Check him out on Twitter @PDcavsinsider) . He has been giving live Twitter updates from the second day of the LeBron meetings in Cleveland. He reports that Alonzo Mourning was part of the Heat group. Also, LeBron kept the Heat waiting 40 minutes. The meeting has now been pushed back.

Update, 10:21 EST: Alan has landed in Chicago and we're off and running. Today's meetings with Wade and Bosh are at the Peninsula Hotel. Wade is up first. Expect Wade to get a top-notch presentation on why he should come to New York. Bosh will likely get a similar presentation. Also, as I write this, Miami Heat owner Micky Arison and president Pat Riley are in Cleveland meeting with LeBron James.

And, in case you missed it, here is what Alan wrote in his blog very early this morning on the Wade meeting:

Not sure what to make of Friday's meetings in Chicago, especially with Wade, who seems to be a given to re-sign in Miami. But if you think about it, if things were as certain with the Heat as reported -- Bosh going there in a sign-and-trade -- why would they go through the charade of meeting teams? Is it all a front to hide the fact that there was a deal done before the free agency period began?

Or is Wade not totally certain he won't wind up alone -- or at best with Carlos Boozer and a gutted Heat roster -- at the end of this process?