Kevin Durant said about the toughest part of his rehab...

Kevin Durant said about the toughest part of his rehab from a Achilles tear is "the everyday grind." Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

Kevin Durant hasn’t spoken to the Nets media since the preseason. But he is an enthusiastic social media user and did answer questions from fans on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

The injured Nets star took questions on the Twitter feed of “The Boardroom,” which is an ESPN Plus show Durant executive produces.

The question, “Are you really out for the season or are you going to shock the world and play for the Nets this season” was not asked. Or, if it was, it was not selected and/or answered.

Durant did provide an update of sorts on his progress from a torn Achilles tendon when he was asked what the toughest part of the rehab is.

“Just the everyday grind,” Durant wrote, adding “some days i get irritated by how slow the process is, some days i miss playing, some days i want to do more than i'm allowed. Then there's the physical side, lifting weights and getting used to movement after 6 months off... it gets better everyday but it's good to have patience.”

Durant also touched on other topics, such as his top five toughest players to guard. He listed “LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Lou Williams, Paul George, Joel Embiid” and then returned postchat to add: “I’m an idiot, I’m forgetting James Harden, I apologize.”

Durant also gave unsurprising answers when asked questions such as who is the best healthy point guard in the NBA (he picked teammate Kyrie Irving) and which is his favorite shoe (he picked his own).

Did you know Durant wants to be a football player?

“I still fantasize about being an wideout, qb, and corner,” he wrote, and added “i would probably pick Qb because of the control but those other positions look fun.”

And when asked why he was doing this, Durant wrote: “I enjoy social media, in particular, topics about basketball.”

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