Strong safety Antrel Rolle #26 of the Giants has words...

Strong safety Antrel Rolle #26 of the Giants has words with wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald #11 of the Arizona Cardinals during a game at MetLife Stadium on Sept. 14, 2014 in East Rutherford, N.J. Credit: Getty Images / Ron Antonelli

Antrel Rolle said he looked into the eyes of Odell Beckham Jr. after Monday night's 40-24 loss to the Colts and saw that they were "bloodshot red" because he wanted the ball so much.

The rest of the eyes on the Giants? Rolle didn't sound too excited about what he sees in those. The starting safety questioned the passion of the Giants coming off a third straight defeat and now dangling dangerously close to the precipice of a second straight lost season. While he didn't name names while making his weekly appearance on WFAN radio yesterday, it's clear Beckham is not on his list of emotionally vacant offenders. "We need more of that," Rolle said of the rookie receiver's desire.

The Giants are in need of more of just about everything. More points (they've averaged just 15 per game in their three-game skid). More pride (all five of their losses this season have been by 10 or more points with an average difference of 17 points; that's two touchdowns and a field goal per game). More players (CB Prince Amukamara is the latest starter to be placed on injured reserve with a season-ending injury).

And yes, more passion.

"On our sideline it's very dead," Rolle said. "Throughout the course of the game it's dead. We need a pulse.

"It needs to be shown that you care about this game and you want to take this game by any means necessary. That's not what we're seeing right now."

It's become something of an annual occurrence for Rolle to gripe about the team's intensity, which says more about them than him. Sometimes his frustrations are answered with better play. More often, lately, it seems they are not. Which is why Rolle seems to be easing up on his rhetoric responsibility.

"You have to play the game with passion," he said. "We have 53 players. You should never have to talk to another grown man about playing this game with passion . . . I'm not responsible for no other man. I'm responsible for myself. I'm responsible for being a leader and trying to contribute the best I can, I'm responsible for trying to keep things together. I will never ever in this world be responsible for another man's emotions or passion for this game. That's not what it's supposed to be about. Every man has to be accountable for his own actions and right now I'm not seeing every man going out there fighting and scratching and clawing like dogs.

"You have to go out and you have to get down and you have to get dirty and you have to get nasty in this game," he added. "There's no room for nice guys in this league."

Rolle went so far as to say he isn't sure the Giants have it in them to turn on the emotional amperage. "I can't be confident in something that I haven't seen," he said.

But, he said, he is confident that the Giants have the potential to do it. "I'm confident in the group that we have," he said. "I'm confident we can do it . . . I'm confident if we go out and play with passion and play with fire and play with heart and play like every play is our last play, I'm confident we can beat any team in this league."

They'll get a chance to prove it on Sunday against the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks. It's a short week after Monday night's loss, but Rolle seems to have had his fill of the current state of affairs.

"Losing, I've had enough man," he said. "I've seriously had enough . . . We need to get right. Do we want to win or keep doing what we're doing?"

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