New York Giants' Damontre´Moore's helmet during practice at the Quest...

New York Giants' Damontre´Moore's helmet during practice at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center East Rutherford, NJ. July 24, 2014. Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

It took one year and almost four full games, but Damontre Moore finally got his first full NFL sack. And he knew just how to celebrate.

"I had to get out from the bottom of the pile," he said before clearing space and engaging in a sack dance that was an awkward shimmy. He said it was a shout-out to his former Texas A&M teammates.

"It's more of an Aggie and a friendship thing in our inner circle. Me, Von [Miller], Cyrus [Gray]. We always joke around. If I get it, I'm gonna make it happen."

Moore said Miller, who plays for the Broncos, started the dance and then Gray, who plays for the Chiefs, performed it last week. He called Moore during the week to taunt him about his lack of sacks.

"He was like 'You gonna do it this week?' and I was like 'Yeah, I got you.' "

So who performs the dance the best?

"I would say Cyrus probably does it the best, but there are other things I do better than him and he wishes he was as good a dancer as I am," Moore said. "But I ain't gonna lie, he does that dance a little bit better than me. Can't be good at everything."

Of course, Moore pointed out that it's not always the quality of the dance that counts.

"It's not about who does it the best, it's about who does it the most," he said.

Moore has one.

"They say good things are worth waiting for. That was one of those things."

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