New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones drops back to pass...

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones drops back to pass against the defense during training camp at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center in East Rutherford, NJ, on Friday, July 26, 2019. Credit: Brad Penner

Dave Gettleman loved enough of what he saw in Daniel Jones to select him with the sixth pick in April.

On Friday, Gettleman said he is as convinced as ever that he made the right decision. But while he made some comparisons in the physical and mental makeup of Jones to what he said were the “all-time great quarterbacks,” he stopped short of putting the yoke of greatness on the rookie’s shoulders.

“I think he’s got tremendous upside,” the general manager said. “How’s that?”

After two full practices, it’ll have to do.

“You’re going to evaluate him over time,” Gettleman said. “I don’t believe in taking temperatures every day . . . It happens over time is what you’re looking for. We’ll evaluate it, probably once a week, we’ll have personnel meetings. But I don’t believe in every day, Roman Colosseum thumb up or thumb down, thumb sideways.”

Gettleman said the decision on if and when to make a change at quarterback and replace Eli Manning with Jones will be made by coach Pat Shurmur, but a call of that magnitude will require conversations that reach the top of the organization.

Gettleman said he has no preconception or landmark for when he’d like to see those discussions begin in earnest. There is no barrier of losses or level of poor play that Manning must slip below for the Giants to remove him as their starter.

“You can’t operate that way, you really can’t,” Gettleman said. “Everything is fluid. You can’t do that to yourself because now you’ve put yourself in a box . . . The guys play when it’s time.”

So when will it be time?

“At the end of the day, it’s going to be clear,” Gettleman said. “You just have to do it. Don’t lock your knees and just go.”

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