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Daniel Jones said he hadn’t caught a pass since high school after making the one-handed grab against the Panthers last week.

Not true.

And there is someone on the Giants who can call him on it.

Linebacker Quincy Roche was playing for Temple against Duke in the Independence Bowl in 2018 when he was able to get a hand up and bat one of Jones’ throws. The ball wound up being caught by Jones, who turned it into a six-yard gain in a 56-27 victory in his final collegiate game. Jones was named MVP of the game with five touchdown passes, 423 passing yards, and yes, one reception.

While Jones did not run a route on that play as he did last week, he was statistically awarded a reception and it stood as his last official catch… until Sunday.

"I knew in college that he was athletic," Roche said. "We had to play against him at Duke so I knew about his running ability. He’s got sneaky speed. I knew about his athleticism. I saw all of that watching tape on him at Duke."

And yes, Roche was one of the few who knew that Jones could catch the ball, too.


Joe Judge doesn’t technically fall from the Andy Reid coaching tree – he;s much more closely linked to the lineages of Nick Saban and Bill Belichick -- but the Kansas City Super Bowl-winner certainly had a big impact on Judge long before either of those two had even heard of him. It began when Judge was a kid growing up in the Philadelphia area and Reid was hired to coach his favorite team, the Eagles, in 1999.

"He did a really good job right away of moving the team in a certain direction," said Judge, who was 17 at that time. "He’s one of the few coaches who I actually watched in his postgame pressers."

Judge said he would hear local sports talk radio reference Reid’s press conferences while he was being driven to school so he decided to tune in when they happened live.

"I would listen to what Andy was saying and listen to how he said it," Judge said.

Judge also visited Reid’s Eagles when he was a graduate assistant at Mississippi State, spending time studying their special teams under coordinator (and future NFL head coach) John Harbaugh.

"I got to watch them practice, see how they operate," Judge said of the Eagles. "There are different exposures I’ve had to (Reid), things he probably wouldn’t remember, but I have a ton of respect for him."

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