Daniel Jones of the Giants before the game against the...

Daniel Jones of the Giants before the game against the Philaelphia Eagles at MetLife Stadium on Nov. 28. Credit: Getty Images/Elsa

TUCSON, Ariz. — Daniel Jones’ job on Thursday was to throw interceptions.

While the rest of the quarterbacks, including Mike Glennon — who remains in the concussion protocol but is on track to be cleared and start on Sunday — as well as Jake Fromm who would serve as Glennon’s backup, were working with the offense throwing passes to receivers and tight ends, Jones was at the other end of the field at the University of Arizona chucking deep passes. It was so the secondary could practice tracking — and theoretically picking off — the balls that Justin Herbert is certain to be lobbing their way on Sunday.

The Giants are convinced that soon enough they will be back to preventing Jones interceptions rather than choreographing them in their workouts. But while Jones shows no outward limitations from the neck injury that has sidelined him from contact since the end of the Eagles game almost two weeks ago, as evidenced by his long tosses, a medical stamp of approval is still forthcoming.

"At this moment there is no information that would lead us in any way, shape or form to think there is a threat of long-term [damage]," Joe Judge said on Thursday regarding Jones’ status. "We’re still optimistic and preparing him to be back on the field this year. When the doctors say he is cleared for contact and he is ready to go, we’ll have him ready to go."

Judge added that they are prepared to play Jones if he is somehow cleared to play on Sunday. That is unlikely. But the following week against the Cowboys is a more likely timeline for him to play.

"I know there are a lot of question marks around Daniel’s status," Judge said. "There are a lot of question marks internally as well because a lot of this stuff is coming from doctors who are looking at pictures and making decisions on someone who is in this position because of the neck. We’re going to be very deliberate and cautious with how we make this decision."

Judge said Jones has not lost any of his conditioning, mobility or arm strength to the injury.

"It wasn’t a deal where he came out one day and couldn’t throw or something of that nature," Judge said. "He went in the training room and reported something. Ronnie [Barnes, the senior vice president of medical services] and his staff did a great job in terms of making sure they did due diligence, got an image. They said something came up, we have to be careful with this. We waited on some second opinions and there were enough doctors who got together and said, ‘Look, we have to do the right thing by this guy and this is something we have to make sure is clear before we put him out there.’ "

Until that happens, Jones will be limited to throwing passes (and interceptions) in practices and not in games.

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