I had a chance to catch up with Charles Way a little earlier to discuss his new pupil, fullback Henry Hynoski. Way, who is the team’s director of player development but has been spending time working on the field and in the classroom with Hynoski, had a lot of great things to say about the undrafted kid from Pitt.

“He’s very intelligent, a very smart kid, and I think most good fullbacks are intelligent,” Way said. “He’s tough. I think he has the desire and the heart to play this game. He truly loves the game of football. You watch him in meetings and how attentive he is to detail. It reminds me of myself. He wants to learn everyone’s position and that’s what you look for. He loves to play the game not for the money, just because he loves football.”

That’s the key to being a fullback, Way said.

“The fullback position is mainly heart and desire,” he said. “You can fix technique. After the fifth or sixth time you’re running a lead iso on a 270-pound mike linebacker, what’s inside you to say ‘OK I can do it an eighth time’? The fact that he loves the game just as much as I love the game has made me look at him totally different from how I may have looked at a lot of the other fullbacks that have come through our system.”

Hedgecock, Way said, was similar in that sense.

Way said that because the college game has gone to a spread system for the most part, fullbacks are coming into the league a little less refined than they used to be. But the real way to gauge a fullback is not on his angles or his leverage, Way said.

“The technique issues, that can be corrected,” Way said. “What’s inside the man can’t. You can’t fix that if you don’t have it. We’ve only had one day in pads, but the one thing I do see in him is a desire to play the position.”

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