New York Giants' Kenny Golladay makes a catch against the Dallas...

New York Giants' Kenny Golladay makes a catch against the Dallas Cowboys' Anthony Brown in the fourth quarter at MetLife Stadium on Dec. 19, 2021 Credit: Newsday/J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Joe Judge isn’t announcing who he wants to start at quarterback against the Eagles on Sunday.

Kenny Golladay has no such aversion.

While the wide receiver sidestepped a direct question about his preference, Golladay spent most of his media appearance on Wednesday praising Jake Fromm for the sliver of snaps they played together at the tail end of Sunday’s blowout loss to the Cowboys.

"He really just came in and made the most of an opportunity," Golladay said. "Things weren’t going well so he went in there fearless and said let me sling it around a little bit. He did a hell of a job."

The fact that he did something not all Giants quarterbacks have done this season – throw the ball to Golladay – probably helped cement Fromm at the top of Golladay’s depth chart. In the course of about 2 7/8 games with Mike Glennon running the offense, Golladay caught six passes for 59 yards. On one drive with Fromm he caught two for 46.

It wasn’t just those numbers that swayed Golladay, though.

"When he came in the huddle he definitely controlled the huddle well," Golladay said. "I wasn’t surprised. I’ve taken reps with him and practiced with him. It was good to see what he showed on the practice field translate to the game."

Fromm seemed to have a similar affinity for Golladay.

"Kenny’s great," Fromm said. "He’s got a big catch radius. Throw it up and let him make plays. He did a great job making plays in the game. We’ll see how that carries over and look forward to doing it again."

That’s assuming Fromm starts and plays. Judge said he will not make any proclamation on that decision until much closer to the game, after he’s had a chance to see Fromm work in practices this week. He said he is adjusting practice a bit to provide more competitive sessions that will amount to a tryout for the young, mostly unproven quarterback.

It does seem like a bit of a rigged race, though. In weighing Glennon versus Fromm, the Giants aren’t even really gauging the veteran who started the past three games since Daniel Jones’ neck injury popped up and eventually landed him on season-ending injured reserve. They’re just doing due diligence on Fromm, making him earn the job, and more significantly, making sure he doesn’t show them anything on the practice field or in the meeting rooms to lose it.

Fromm spoke on Wednesday with the confidence of a player who has that job. And why not? He may not only be the next starting quarterback for the Giants, at this point he may be the most popular NFL player in New York. Fans are clamoring for him to get on the field, which probably says more about the state of the city’s two franchises than Fromm himself.

Nevertheless, when asked if the player who made his pro debut mopping up a lopsided loss against a Dallas defense that was playing mostly prevent zones is the same one who will show up if he starts against the Eagles on Sunday, Fromm didn’t sway from his swagger.

"I don’t think it’ll change," Fromm said. "You have to have trust and confidence in the guys around you. ‘Hey, let’s go out and spin it.’ You gotta cut it loose… I’m going to be me no matter what the situation is and try to rally the guys the best I can and say ‘Let’s go execute and try to win a football game and see what happens.’"

Golladay seems drawn to that attitude.

"It’s one of those things you just have to have," Golladay said of the moxie required to be an NFL quarterback. "There was no reason for him to go in there [against the Cowboys] playing timid. Under two minutes, there’s nothing you can really do to make or break the game right now. Not taking anything away from him, he still came in and controlled the huddle and threw the ball around. But just going in there and not thinking ‘I don’t want to mess up,’ that’s the first step."

The next step? Starting Sunday.

"With him going in there like, ‘Hey, let me go out there and try to prove myself,’ that was great to see," Golladay added. "And I think that’s what he did."

Proving himself to Golladay came quickly. Proving himself to Judge will take a bit more time.

Their conclusions, though, still figure to wind up in the same place.

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