Eli Manning (10) leaves the field after throwing an interception...

Eli Manning (10) leaves the field after throwing an interception to Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware during the first half. (Sept. 8, 2013) Credit: AP

Kevin Gilbride said the two interceptions on screen passes Sunday against the Cowboys were “two completely different” plays. They did have one common component, though: an inexperienced running back who made a bad adjustment.

“One was a play action screen,” the offensive coordinator said today, “and you hope that the defensive end (DeMarcus Ware) goes one way, while he ended up coming underneath. We have some inexperienced backs who are just learning how to play the game so they didn’t float out.”

That was David Wilson, although Gilbride did put some of the blame for that on Eli Manning.

“Should have just thrown it into the ground,” he said.

Other than that, the play was blocked well.

“The first one might have gone to the house,” Gilbride said, “but it is what it is.”

And the game-deciding pick off Da’Rel Scott’s shoulder pad?

“The back just turned in when he should have just stayed where he was,” Gilbride said.

“We threw two interceptions on two screens, which is maybe the first time in 25 years in the National Football League,” Gilbride said. “It wasn’t very encouraging. Think of it, when you’re throwing a ball, that’s an integral and very complimentary part of what you’re trying to do. We have to get the screen game going.”

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