Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Lindsay Lohan, Bobby Moynihan and Kenan...

Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Lindsay Lohan, Bobby Moynihan and Kenan Thompson on "Saturday Night Live." Credit: NBC

“I might be doing something that’s a little bit out of my character and uncomfortable,” Eli Manning said.

That’s the only hint he would give Thursday about what his upcoming hosting duties on Saturday Night Live on May 5 might entail.

In truth, Manning said he hasn’t heard much either, hasn’t done anything yet to prepare, and is hoping maybe they’ll have a “highlight reel” of past athlete performances he can watch for inspiration.

Such a reel might include his brother, Peyton, who memorably hosted the comedy program in 2007. Eli admitted Peyton’s entertaining “United Way” skit will be tough to live up to.

“That was a good one,” Eli Manning said with a smile. “Hopefully I have one as popular.”

After a whirlwind week in the wake of his second Super Bowl, Manning said he wanted to make sure his offseason was restful, particularly for his arm.

“I was tired,” the two-time Super Bowl MVP said. “It is a long season. I was excited after the season, I was here for four or five days in the city but then went back home and laid low. I really wanted to make sure I got my rest and got a full recovery during that time off.”

Manning said the motivation for his this year is continuing to become a better player.

“You can’t worry about winning a championship next year — you know how difficult that is, how many things have to happen,” Manning said. “You can’t always control that but you can control doing everything you can to prepare, to get your workouts, be in shape, try and stay healthy and get your teammates mentally and physically ready to start the season.”

Speaking of Peyton — in case you haven’t heard, he’ll be wearing a different uniform this year — Eli said he indeed counseled him as he was making his decision.

“We’re brothers, I talked to him about places or coaches or things I knew about certain offenses and whatnot,” Manning said. “I’m just happy for him that he’s going to be in uniform next year.”

And as far as that other New York team and their acquisition of a player who has had his own SNL moment in the past, too, Manning, believe it or not, didn’t spend too much time worrying about Tim Tebow.

“Being in the same city, you see what’s going on,” Manning said. “But it’s not a big concern for me.”

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