(Aug. 25, 2010)

(Aug. 25, 2010) Credit: AP

Earlier today, Chris Canty was boasting about how wonderful the Giants were to allow him to use the weight room for a workout. They were, by all accounts, the only team in the league to truly open their facility to the players on the day after the lockout was lifted by Judge Nelson.

"This is the New York Football Giants," he said, "not the Jets."

Apparently the two have more in common that he thought. The Giants announced tonight that they will NOT allow players to use all of the facilities for the time being.

"We have decided that our workout and training rooms will be closed until we get clarification from the pending challenges to the court's decision," vice-president of communications Pat Hanlon said in a statement.

Players will still be allowed to enter the building and talk with coaches and staff members socially. But they will not be allowed to train nor will they be allowed to talk football or business. No word on whether or not they will be able to eat the gumbo that Brandon Jacobs was so giddy about.

If you're guessing that the NFL exerted some pressure on the Giants to get into step with the rest of the teams, well, you'd be guessing the same as I am.

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