Super Bowls can make for strange bedfellows. Witness the Patriots' practice home for this week: The Colts' facility!

People too young to remember the 2000s might not recall this, but the Colts used to be consistently good, and a consistent, arch rival of the Pats.

How does Colts owner Jim Irsay feel about having the Patriots in his house?

"It’ll be different for sure but I think as a host that that’s something that I don’t think about it that much in terms of having such a competitor be in the complex and the locker room," he said.

"I think you really kind of look at the macro picture as a host and think about the National Football League and how you’d want to be treated. So no, I mean, you could see they’re having a great season so I wish we were in our locker room, that’s for sure, but we’re not."

Said receiver Deion Branch: "It felt weird today. I think the rest of the week will be OK. Where are the Giants practicing? [University of Indianapolis.] OK, that’s where they’re at. Who made the decision for us to practice there? The league may want to make them mad or something, I don’t know. [Branch was laughing as he said all this, BTW.)

"But they have a beautiful facility. Whoever made that decision we thank them and thank the Colts for allowing us to use their building to practice in. We promise we won’t get it dirty. We’ll keep it clean."

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