Giants wide receiver Roger Lewis attempts a catch during a...

Giants wide receiver Roger Lewis attempts a catch during a game against the Eagles at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017. Credit: Jim McIsaac

Roger Lewis Jr. saw more action than he could have possibly envisioned when the season began. Ultimately, it took a toll on him.

The second-year wide receiver will have surgery on Tuesday to remove bone spurs in his ankle. The injury, Lewis said, occurred because of overuse and cutting so much on the field. It had been bothering him for the past month or so, and he played through it until Sunday when he was active but did not play against Washington.

“I didn’t want to clock out on these guys,” Lewis said of why he pushed himself through the injury for about five games. “I just wanted to help us get a win. I wanted to keep going. These are my brothers, man.”

Plus, he was getting a lot of snaps. With so many other receivers out with their more serious injuries, Lewis spent most of the second half of the year as the Giants’ most experienced target in the passing game. He finished with 36 catches for 416 yards and two touchdowns.

“It was an opportunity of a lifetime,” he said. “I just wanted to show what I can do.”

And show that he can do it through pain.

“I grew up believing that if it’s not broken you can play on it,” he said. “I hope it shows a lot about me.”

Lewis was available to play on an emergency basis on Sunday if he had to but had basically been told he was shut down leading into the finale.

“It was tough,” he said. “I wanted to play. I wanted to play so bad.”

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