David Wilson, the running back out of Virginia Tech at...

David Wilson, the running back out of Virginia Tech at the second day of Giants rookie camp. (May 12, 2012) Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy

When talking about running back David Wilson, the Giants’ first-round pick, running backs coach Jerald Ingram spent a lot of time talking about a different position – quarterback.

“There’s a lot to learn for a running back and what we ask our running backs to do,” Ingram said. “The number one thing that we ask our running backs to do is take care of our $100 million quarterback. That’s what we do. We start with him and we can’t exist without him. So if (Wilson) ends up being a detriment to our quarterback and our receivers’ growth in the passing game … “

He won’t play. Wilson needs to compliment Manning, in other words, not be a burden on him. It may not be conforting to Manning that they have drafted a 5-9, 205-pound 20-year-old as his bodyguard. Can Wilson do that?

“Only time will tell,” Ingram said. “When we pad up and start hitting somebody and being able to play physically out there and playing under pressure and duress, is he going to be ready enough to play at the level of our quarterback? Our quarterback level right now s pretty doggone high. Our quarterback shouldn’t have to take a step down for anybody. Anybody else who steps on that field should step up to his level. That’s a goal that he has and a goal that we have for him to improve our run game, improve our pass game and go from there.”

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