The Buffalo Bills' IK Enemkpali, released this week by the...

The Buffalo Bills' IK Enemkpali, released this week by the New York Jets, speaks to the media at training camp, Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015, in Pittsford, N.Y. Credit: AP / Mike Groll

According to an "Outside the Lines" report, Ikemefuna Enemkpali missed Louisiana Tech's season opener in 2011 because he had injured his hand after punching "a man he thought was a woman with whom he had arranged to have sex."

The ESPN report, which cited an obtained copy of a police report, said Enemkpali began exchanging Facebook messages with a "Missy Lee" on Sept. 1, 2011. But after meeting "Missy Lee" in person, he realized the individual -- who had been "covered head-to-toe in a blanket" -- also had "facial hair."

Enemkpali was not charged in the incident, according to the ESPN report.

Enemkpali broke Jets quarterback Geno Smith's jaw in a locker room altercation on Aug. 11. Smith underwent surgery two days later and was expected to miss 6-10 weeks. The Jets released Enemkpali immediately after the incident. He was claimed by the Rex Ryan's Buffalo Bills on Aug. 12.

The police report states, according to ESPN, that Enemkpali "felt that he was being 'set up' for a robbery of some type. Enemkpali stated that fearing for his safety, he then struck the subject in the blanket. Enemkpali stated that after he struck this person, their voice changed to that of a male. Enemkpali stated that he then left the residence through the window."

He also reportedly told police that he began receiving texts in which "Missy Lee" accused him of "punching her and knocking out her teeth" and also threatened "U are going to jail." Enemkpali reportedly offered $500, but "'Missy Lee' demanded $1,000 or the police would be called." Enemkpali made a complaint to the police after the demand for money, according to the ESPN report.

Police later traced the phone number to a man named Ketryn Anderson, who, according to his Facebook page, is a "senior pastor and founder of Life Community Church" in Shreveport, Louisiana, ESPN reported.

Enemkpali was arrested following an off-campus incident in April 2011, according to the police report, which was obtained by Newsday. Enemkpali was arrested after an incident at Rabb's Steak House in Ruston, Louisiana, according to the police report. The report stated that Enemkpali hit an off-duty officer and that pepper spray and a Taser were used to take him into custody. He was charged with disturbing the peace and battery of a police officer. Enemkpali initially was suspended from the team, but was later reinstated and played in the 2011 season.

The Jets drafted the Louisiana Tech product in the sixth round.

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