Jets defensive coordinator Bill Belichick, center, talks with Jets linebacker...

Jets defensive coordinator Bill Belichick, center, talks with Jets linebacker Bryan Cox (51) on the sideline as head coach Bill Parcells stands in the background during a game against the Indianapolis Colts at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., on Oct. 17, 1999. Credit: AP / John T. Greilick

Bill Parcells is throwing the book at Bill Belichick.

In the book, "Parcells: A Football Life," an authorized third-person account written by Nunyo Dimaseo with Bill Parcells being released Oct. 28, Parcells rehashes one of the most bizarre episodes in Jets history and tells the story behind the feud that long divided the two coaches who formed a championship alliance. The section about Belichick resigning as "HC of the NYJ" in 2000 appears as an excerpt in this week's Sports Illustrated.

"He made a deal and then tried to get out of it," Parcells wrote of his former defensive coordinator and hand-picked replacement with the Jets. "A deal's a deal. You want out? You're going to pay. Simple."

Belichick left the Jets and became coach of the Patriots, launching a dynasty that won three Super Bowls and appeared in two others. "I knew I did the right thing and I didn't know where my career was going," Belichick said in the book.

Parcells also tells how Charlie Weis lobbied for the head coaching job after Belichick walked away from it, but he too earned outcast status from Parcells' circle after testifying on behalf of Belichick in a grievance hearing to determine if Belichick would be able to interview for other jobs.

"I've told many coaches that friendship and loyalty is going to be more important than ambition," Parcells wrote. "Some guys don't realize that until after they're done. I don't bear animosity toward Charlie. I can say that with a straight face because I know what he is. His actions back then don't bother me anymore."

Neither, apparently, do Belichick's.

"I didn't begrudge Bill getting another job somewhere else," Parcells wrote. "In fact, I'm probably the one that got it for him."

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