Jeff Otah in an official picture for the 2012 Carolina...

Jeff Otah in an official picture for the 2012 Carolina Panthers. Credit: AP

CORTLAND -- Jeff Otah never seemed confident he would pass his physical -- and now we know why.

The former Panthers right tackle -- who failed his physical last week and subsequently was placed on the active PUP list -- did not pass his physical Tuesday, voiding his trade from Carolina.

Panthers GM Marty Hurney confirmed Otah would be returning to Carolina after the Jets rescinded their trade offer. The Jets confirmed the news a short time ago.

Following his first failed physical, the offensive lineman had seven days to pass a second. Desite the July 31st cut-off date, the newly-acquired tackle told reporters on Monday that he wasn’t sure when his next physical would take place. "I talked to the trainers. They don't really know what's going on," Otah said, adding that he didn't speak with the coaching staff about his physical. "So it's one of those deals (where) I'm just working."

Though he didn't sound all that enthused, or convincing, Otah did say he felt good physically and "I feel like I can pass it."

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