Jets head coach Robert Saleh heads to the locker room...

Jets head coach Robert Saleh heads to the locker room after a 54-13 loss to the Patriots following an NFL game on Sunday in Foxborough, Mass. Credit: AP/Steven Senne

Does Robert Saleh need to start getting angry and put people on alert after this performance?

Probably, but that’s not Saleh’s style. He’s an upbeat, optimistic person and he doesn’t like to scream. He did show some fire and cursed a few times in the news conference after the Jets were blasted, 54-13, by New England, but he said he won’t change how he treats his players.

"These are grown men," Saleh said. "They are. In this league, I refuse to believe otherwise. These men play their tails off. They go to work and they have a lot of pride. There’s a lot of pride in the locker room. There’s a lot of pride throughout the NFL in terms of they’re putting on tape, they’re showing out, trying to play for one another. Their teammates are family.

"There’s a lot of whys for why people show up. If you need somebody, it’s just my opinion, to be in your butt yelling at you to get going playing a child’s game at a king’s ransom, then you don’t deserve to wear the logo, period. I know we got great character guys. I know they were playing their butts off."

It didn’t look that way.

Is Mike White ready to take over for Zach Wilson?

White has no choice. But with Wilson potentially out weeks with a knee injury, not having a legit proven, experienced No. 2 quarterback will hurt the Jets.

White, 26, is in his fourth NFL season, but this was his debut. He made some good throws after replacing Wilson, but he also threw two interceptions.

"I’m confident in myself,’’ White said. "I’m mostly confident in the guys we have in that locker room, the leaders we have. The coaching staff, too. Have to make the corrections necessary and keep going and being professionals and working our tails off and trying to get this thing going."

With Wilson taking all of the first-team snaps, White has been working with the scout team in practice.

"At the end of the day, a curl is a curl and a slant is a slant," White said. "It’s definitely different, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to make any excuses for myself. Every other backup goes through the same thing."

What did the Jets think about the Patriots throwing long passes in the fourth quarter with the game out of reach?

Saleh didn’t make a big deal of it. Others were bothered. "For sure," Morgan Moses said.

Sheldon Rankins’ thoughts: "Probably some things that I’m probably not going to say."

What other injuries did the Jets suffer?

They already were without C.J. Mosley and lost three linebackers in the game. Jamien Sherwood left with an ankle injury, Quincy Williams with a concussion and Blake Cashman with a groin injury.

"That fourth quarter, we ran out of humans," Saleh said. "All our linebackers."

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