Rookie entertainment

To mark the end of the Cortland portion of training camp, the Jets celebrated Thursday by observing a couple of rituals: tying a rookie to a goalpost after practice and the annual rookie show later that night.

The first didn't go so well. Linebacker Bart Scott and others tied up cornerback Brian Jackson. "It happens to a lot of rookies, but he took it personal," Rex Ryan said. "That's too bad. I'll talk to him later."

Ryan was looking forward to last night's rookie show as a chance to bond. "We've got the rookie show, 'King Ugly,' 'Jeopardy,' and we even have a magician coming," Ryan said. "We've got it all going on."

Ryan said that after the show, every Jet was free to do whatever he wanted - from Bible study to hitting the local bars until as late as desired - provided one Ryan-mandated requirement was met: "They just have to do something with a teammate."

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