It's beginning to look like Darrelle Revis won't budge unless...

It's beginning to look like Darrelle Revis won't budge unless the Jets significantly up the ante. Credit: AP, 2007

The feud between the Jets and Darrelle Revis' camp reached a boiling point over these last few days.

Time for a bit of a cool down period -- at least publicly.

The Jets and Darrelle Revis' agents, Jonathan Feinsod and Neil Schwartz, have released a joint statement, which basically said the sides will keep trying to get this thing figured out while staying out of the glaring public spotlight.  

"Both parties have had conversations to clear the air and will continue to negotiate with the hopes of reaching an agreement," the statement said. "From this point forward, all discussions regarding these negotiations will remain confidential."

Revis, as you know, is adamant about becoming the highest-paid player at his position and his holdout has reached 12 days. He's scheduled pocket $1 million in base salary in the fourth year of a six-year deal, which is $14 million less than the $15.1 Oakland cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha averages a season. 

Both sides agreeing to take their negotiations out of the public spotlight is probably a relief for some players, especially after all that was made out of Rex Ryan's proposal yesterday.

But Damien Woody joked that would've been on board with a town hall-style meeting featuring Revis and his camp as well as everyone else in the organization, in part because Ryan said he'd cancel practice in favor of the meeting.

"If I can send a message, come on up here," the right tackle said. "I don’t care if your up here for like four hours, come on up. We’ll all meet up at some restaurant, wherever the place is. And to have the practice off? Yeah, that would be pretty sweet."

Said linebacker Bart Scott: "Whatever gets him in camp. I’m just waiting for him. We text each other a little bit, just having fun with each other. I look forward to [seeing] him. Hopefully we get it done."

Braylon Edwards was openly honest about Ryan's proposal, though, saying he felt it wouldn't be the best of ideas. 

"I love Revis to death," the wide receiver said, "and I have no problem with his situation or what's going on right now because at the end of the day, it's about his family, it's about he and the team getting on the same page. By team I mean the adminstration and the heads and the guys that go over those deals and those contracts.

"But in terms of taking the whole team to go see Revis, I feel like that makes someone above the team. So I wouldn't agree with that. ... I have no problem with what he's doing. But I wouldn't support the movement to take 83 guys to go see one player where he's at.

"I wouldn't agree with that."

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