Jets tackle Mekhi Becton warms up on the field before a game...

Jets tackle Mekhi Becton warms up on the field before a game against the Colts on Sept. 27 in Indianapolis. Credit: AP/Zach Bolinger

Mekhi Becton had difficulty breathing after suffering a chest injury in the first quarter of Monday night’s loss to New England.

Adam Gase said the Jets' medical staff was concerned and that Becton would continue to be evaluated through the bye week.

Gase said Becton didn’t suffer a muscle injury and that the trainers didn’t tell him that it was anything lung or heart related. Gase sounded optimistic that the 6-7, 370-pound left tackle would play against the Chargers next weekend.

"We went through all kinds of things to make sure that he was good," Gase said. "At the end of the day, we decided not to put him back in the game. Just making sure that he was OK. We were concerned that maybe there was something that we couldn’t figure out. Our trainers and doctors did everything they could to rule out any issues there.

"We’ll take this next week to really keep looking at that and hopefully get to the point where he’ll be ready to go for the next game."

Gase doesn’t know what specifically happened to Becton or what the issue is at this point. When he was asked about Becton’s lungs and heart, Gase said, "They didn’t say either one of those things to me," and that Becton would be monitored closely.

"They’re going to keep talking with him, go through all the exacts and symptoms and why he felt certain ways at certain times," Gase said. "I just know he couldn’t play and they’re trying to put him in position to where he can play the next game."

Second guessing himself

Gase thought about going for it on fourth-and-three from Patriots’ 41 on the second series of the game. He talked to general manager Joe Douglas about it Tuesday. Ultimately, Gase said, "I didn’t feel like I had the right call for that situation with what I thought they were going to do."

More game decisions

Joe Flacco’s interception in the fourth quarter on a deep ball was one the veteran quarterback would like to have back. But Gase didn’t question Flacco’s decision against that coverage.

"There was an opportunity there," Gase said. "You want to win games in this game you got to be aggressive. I thought when the call was made that was the flow of the game."

Gase did have a problem with the Jets being flagged for 12 men on the field just before a Patriots field goal attempt that gave New England a first down.

"We miscounted," he said. "We got all these guys double and triple checking, and somehow we had one more guy than we should have. That’s bad ball right there."

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