Michael Vick #1 of the New York Jets warms up...

Michael Vick #1 of the New York Jets warms up before a game against the Tennessee Titans at LP Field on Dec. 14, 2014 in Nashville, Tenn. Credit: Getty Images / Wesley Hitt

Michael Vick doesn't know what his future holds, but he's confident he can play another "solid two" years in the NFL.

It's unclear, however, if the quarterback wants to return to the Jets next season.

"I don't know," Vick, 34, who is nearing the end of his one-year, $4-million deal, said this week when asked about his desire to re-sign with the Jets. "I couldn't say right now. I'd have to talk to my agent and see what's the best situation for me.

"Obviously, this organization has to do what's best for them. I really can't say right now, but hopefully I have a chance to play somewhere and continue to give that effort."

Vick has spent most of the season as Geno Smith's backup, but he started three games during Weeks 9-12 (they had a bye in Week 11) after Smith was benched. Vick went 1-2 as a starter before the Jets went back to Smith.

Playing in 2015 is important to Vick, but with so much uncertainty surrounding the Jets -- and the quarterback position -- it doesn't sound as though he's particularly keen on returning to Florham Park.

Even more telling, Vick, a native of Virginia, was far more effusive when discussing his desire to play for Washington in a recent sit-down interview with Newsday.

"That's home," he said during a one-on-one interview during his Dec. 16 charity event at The Boys & Girls Club of Harlem. "That's home for me. Don't get me excited. Don't get me excited."

The 12-year veteran stressed at the time that he can "be the face of any franchise," but he also said he's intrigued by the prospect of reuniting with Washington receiver DeSean Jackson, his former Eagles teammate and "little brother."

"I'm open to playing for anybody that wants to win. But obviously, going back home, I mean, that'll be a dream come true," Vick said last week. "But I would hate to get my hopes up for something that wouldn't happen."

Vick reiterated this week that he's determined to be a No. 1 quarterback again.

"I still feel like I can start," he said. "I still feel like I can play at a high level. I think with the right talent around me and good structure, I feel like I can win some games.

"I still feel like I have a lot left in the tank. I can't say it's five years' worth, but maybe it's a good, solid two.

"I'm just going to train for that, get ready for that and set my mind-set. If it doesn't happen and I have to grind my way back up to a starting position, then that's what it will be. I think at the end of the day, my mind-set is to just continue to play football. I love the game. I want to continue to play until it's all out of me."

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