Plaxico Burress wasn't on the field for this morning's walkthrough. But it wasn't because he re-injured his left ankle.

"He was at a planned excused deal," Rex Ryan said. "We knew that he would be excused. But it’s not like he missed anything. This was planned."

Ryan said it was a personal matter, and said Burress was actually in the building, ready to participate in the afternoon session.  

"The good thing about today is it’s going to be goal line," Ryan said of the afternoon practice, his voice raising a bit because the goal line drills are some of his favorite moments of training camp. "It’s going to be a big guy’s practice today, but he’ll be out there some."

He also should be out there Monday against the Texans in the Jets' preseason opener at Reliant Stadium.

"Yeah, absolutely. I think so," Ryan said. "Again, we won’t put him out there if we think he’s at risk, as with any player. But I’d like to see him out there for a few snaps. Obviously, our first groups don’t go a whole lot, but I’m expecting him to play."

There was some concern that maybe Burress had experienced a setback with his tweaked ankle, given he didn't do much on Tuesday after slowly increasing his practice reps pretty much by the day since last Friday. However, Ryan reiterated Buress' injury isn't a major thing.

It all remains precautionary.

"He had a little more swelling in the ankle. That was to be expected," Ryan said. "Again, it wasn't terrible. That's the thing that you try to avoid by how much do you push him. Well, if we really would've pushed him, that could've really been a problem. But now it’s just, 'Let's cut back a little, let’s make sure that he’s where we want him to be.' "

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